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Carol Campbell

John Barlow

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Aldi_December_Project_V1

Corporate Buying Department Employee Engagement Strategy
January 2015 Action Planning Update
Thank you to everyone who took part in our 2014 Employee Engagement Survey
2014 Fresh Thoughts Survey
There’s lots that we have to celebrate..
Highest scoring
13. I feel safe in my workplace
12. The place where I work is pleasant and well maintained
47. I would recommend ALDI as a great place to shop
2. I understand how my work contributions to the success of ALDI
50. I feel committed to ALDI's goals
% positive
We got the Company’s 3rd highest response rate!
Great connection to the company goals
2nd Highest Engagement score in the company!
Lowest scoring
15. Co-operation between different areas of the business at ALDI works well
36. Poor performance is dealt with effectively where I work
16. I have the opportunity for personal development and growth at ALDI
27. There is support available to me if I experience stress or pressure
39. ALDI manages change effectively
% positive
And things that we would like to work on..
We’ve been looking at our own results and those of the whole business and working with the National Committees to prioritise…
89% of the department responded!

We’re delighted so many of you participated and felt comfortable to share your views…
We’ve Listened..
…and we’ve been talking a lot about what you’ve said:
Survey Letters
AMS in Action
Focus Groups
And we’ve heard…so now its time for action!
71% of you trust that things will change because of what you said..

And we can’t wait to prove the other 29% of you wrong by putting lots of things into action!
Our aim needs to be Cooperation
Cooperation at all levels of management

Cooperation with our suppliers, our partners, our providers

Cooperation with our colleagues in the regions

Cooperation together

And so we will build the following over 2015….
So how will we work to achieve cooperation?
And this all works together to hold up our aim of Cooperation and Engagement
We need pillars that fit with these foundations and we need to prioritise these areas
We need strong foundations to build on
Foundations: Roles and Responsibilities
We need to ensure the department is fully resourced
And make sure we deploy that resource efficiently
Plan is to recruit:
xx Directors
xx Managers
xx Assistants in 2015
Foundations: Roles and Responsibilities
We will adopt a plan of ‘Explain and Train’ on all areas of the department, Buying and Non-Buying to be clear on how we all work together

And we’re working on clarifying how we work as a department with other areas of the business

We will have a transparency of strategy and of how each of our roles in the department are developing
Foundations: Roles and Responsibilities
By being clear about the strategic plans for the department, we know how we all fit cohesively together and are working together for the common goal of being the best business we can be

And by aligning our teams across the department we can work together cooperatively towards common objectives
Communication Pillar
We want to promote our existing fantastic forums for questions, suggestions and employee voice…

Team Meetings
AMS in Action
Departmental Debriefs

Focus Groups
Personnel Leader Updates
GBD Meetings and Minutes
Suggestions Box
Let’s develop our existing methods rather than creating new ones

….And make sure we follow through and update on actions

You’ve said…we’ve listened.
Communication Pillar
More of a focus on Internal Communications
New style GBD minutes in January – less of a deadline catcher and more of a departmental communication tool
We will change and adapt our existing communication methods to facilitate a more strategic approach rather than instructions and reminders

Communication Pillar
We will work with our regional colleagues on training and interaction
We will foster a consultative approach to change management at all levels:

- Encourage collaboration
- Encourage consistency
- Encourage cooperation
- Use existing forums to share best practice
We are committing to leadership training and coaching for all line managers…this has already started with the GBDs
Leadership Pillar
So far the GBD Team have taken part in a strategy day looking at the gap between our actual and our desired culture…more to follow in 2015

Leadership Pillar
Soft skills training that develops cooperative approach to management
Further training on AMS and training via the ALDI Academy
We want
to build on cooperative leadership
Accountability in relation to leadership responsibilities
Leadership Pillar
We will aim to discuss strategy rather than tasks
We will aim to manage people rather than processes
Encourage the sharing of best practices
Training and Development Pillar
With 150 people joining in 2014, training has been a challenge
However we now have an excellent training culture to build upon
And have run more courses in 2014 that people have asked for than ever before
In fact, training was our biggest area of improvement in the survey!
Training and Development Pillar
But there’s lots more we’d like to do….
- Presentation skills
- Training for all levels on relevant
job functions i.e.
- AMS training for all levels
- Leadership training for line managers
- Supplier management training for Assistants
A more structured approach to personal development and training
More cross departmental and business training i.e. regional training
Performance Review templates to enhance development over the next year
Working with the ALDI Academy and Penna Consultancy
More bespoke training plans that are engaging
More cross departmental and business training i.e. regional training
Explain and train of the different areas of the department
Modular training courses and investigating the use of relevant training technology
2015 New Employee Benefits Portal
Rewards and Recognition Pillar
Private Healthcare after 4 years for all Assistants
Market leading pay and above inflation wage rises
3, 5, 10, 15, 25 long service awards
Work Life Balance Pillar
Work Life Balance Pillar
By having enough staff to complete the necessary tasks at every level
Return to work meetings to support staff
Tackling underperformance
Continue to focus on ensuring the best possible work life balance, considering any working requests fairly
Cooperation was the theme of the Line Manager Team Day in December
Work Life Balance Pillar
We will increase the awareness of the Retail Trust membership help available externally
Soft skills training for leaders on how to best support staff wellbeing
New Health and Wellbeing Policy has been written for all employees
Roll out of absence management procedure 2015
Working Environment Pillar
This was one of our highest scoring areas…but we need to keep it that way during the challenging time of expansion
Ensuring our new building will be fit for purpose to promote employee engagement and culture
Opportunity in the future to make suggestions about the new building
Ongoing work on existing space whilst we await the new building construction
Working Environment Pillar
Fun departmental events including more charity involvement
Fresh fruit provisions daily
CR strategy on fair local and healthy
And to achieve all of this, we need Cooperation
By cooperating, we will achieve our own goals and our company goals
What next?
Change takes time…but we are committed to acting on what you have said
We will put these things in place over the next 12 months…
Keep talking!
There will be a pulse survey this year to check up on some of the points and how we are doing
Get involved – if you have an idea – share it!
Continue to tell us what is great and what needs work…you don’t need to wait for a survey!
This is our department, our business, let’s work together…we can’t do it without you!
Any questions?....
We’re listening
January 2015:

2015 Pay and Benefit Announcements

Action Plan Briefings

Launch New Style GBD minutes

CR training day trial

Absence Management Roll Out

ALDI Academy review results of Director LNA
August 2015

Corporate Buying specific Newsletter

New AMS Training for all employees commences

Commence Regional-Buying training
exchanges for existing employees

February 2015:

‘Explain and Train’ to be scheduled for the rest of 2015

CR Training Day format to be rolled out to other teams

New Pay and benefits in effect

AMS in Action/Engagement topics to be scheduled

Charity Events to be scheduled for 2015

Posters raising awareness of the communication methods

Further developments in line with Penna Competencies work

Development of Personal Development Plans
March 2015:

Atlantic House and Modular 2 moves to be completed to increase available space in department

New Health and Wellbeing Policy in Employee Handbook

Annual Performance Reviews Completed

Launch of Employee Benefits Portal

Ongoing LSI Work with GBD Team and Adept
June 2015:

Summer Event 25 Year Celebration

Roll our Supplier Management Training for all Assistants

Re-launch of Retail Trust services to all employees
Ongoing work on the new building requirements
April 2015:

All new starters Q1 forecast in place and trained

Wellbeing training for managers via Academy

Roll our Presentation Skills training for Managers and Above

Reworking of the Corporate Buying Handbook

Cross Departmental/Business Training trial

Communications Director in position

25 year celebrations
May 2015:

EES Pulse Survey

2015 Christmas Party

2015 Christmas charity events
July 2015

Building works to commence on site
Thank you
October 2015
November 2015
December 2015
September 2015
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