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Among the Hidden

No description

Faye Ye

on 14 October 2010

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Transcript of Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden Author : Margaret Peterson Haddix Margarete Peterson Haddix Margarete Haddix wrote the Shadow Children series. Among the Hidden is the first book of the Shadow Children series. Luke, the third child in his family. Luke is not like other kids around his age, he can't go to school, he can't meet people, he can only hide. He is one of the shadow children that's forbidden by the population police. Jen made a plan of having a rally of shadow kids near the president's house. Would Luke support and involve in her dangerous plan? Would the rally be successful? If you want to know, please read this book. Main character introduction I recommend this book to those who are interested in it and likes to read science fiction. THUMBS UP!!!! Barons started moving into the forest where Luke's family lives. Luke was banned from going to the backyard, eating with his family and can't go into a room without the curtains being closed. But one day, he saw a face appearing at the window of his neighbour's house, the Talbout family. summary 1 Luke fought over his fear and rushed into the Tolbout family's house. There he met a girl, Jen, who is also a shadow child. Jen was brave and intellegent. She wanted to "LIVE", instead of hiding. Thank you for watching the presentation and listening to my book talk. Hope you enjoyed it!!!! Theme:
Never give up
Take a try even the chance of wining is small Now, I'm going to read a passage when Luke is goes over to the Tolbout family's house. By: Faye >_<
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