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Artem Onk

on 6 October 2016

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Comics can be viewed
as a mediatechnology which brings
new ways of packaging
and delivering of their meanings.
Researchers believe that the world's first comic book in the modern sense appeared
in the US in the nineties of the 19th century.
In particular, Peter Vinterhoff-Shpurk notes that the first stories were painted in 1896. Yellow baby (“The Yellow Kid”) - was the name of this comics by American artist Richard Autkolta published in the “New York Journal”.
Comics are cartoons
(painted stories)
or stories illustrated by pictures.
They are a combination
of literature and art.
Educational comics historians date back 30s
of the last century.
In the 20’s of the twentieth century
their content became more diverse;
and adventure, science fiction,
and detective comics emerged.
Ganna Onkovych
Ukraine, National Academy
of Educational Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine,
Artem Onkovych
Ukraine, National University of Culture and Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine,
Among the characteristics of comics scholars often distinguish:

• the connection of visual and verba;

• emphasis on action rather than on the description;

• superheroes;

• the presence in the structure of gaps and omissions that should be filled by the reader.
Today painted story
became the subject
of study and teaching
in universities that is quite accustomed
to this genre strange
academic environment.
Nowadays, comics are a large branch of art that finds its place in education.
For example, almost all the works of William Shakespeare have been adapted
into the form of painted Manga.
An example
of modern educational comics
in Ukraine is a unique publication
"Painted History
of the Independence of Ukraine ",
which was released in 2013 in Kiev.
In 2015, Harvard University the first doctoral thesis in the history of education in the form of a graphic novel: "Comics as a research tool: the dissertation in the form of a comic book" which was defended by Nick Sousanis.
Comics should be viewed as media text.
Today, some researchers consider comics
(painted story) not only as mediatext but
as a separate media type.
Today comics gains more popularity
in the book publishing industry.
However, examples of comics in the learning process allow to predict their successful invasion into education sphere as a means
of media education.
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