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Road Salt Pollution

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Cortina Barbieri

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Road Salt Pollution

Road Salt... What We Should Realize Today...

Each year we use 20 million tons of salt as a deicer on our roads and that cost is 200 dollars per ton that is cheap compared to other resources .
that is 13 times more then the food industry uses.
70 percent of road salt we use each year stays in the in lake Champlain (our) watershed
What We Do Now:
It is hard to believe how harmful road salt can be for the Lake Champlain basin environment!! 20 percent of salt in the industry is used as a deicer!!!!!!
Road Salt Pollution:
There has never been and it is not likely to be a perfect replacement or a solution for road salt. But...
Here are two options:
The Solutions:
Photo site:
Photo Site:
When salt flows into small streams and ponds it can then harm water organisms by increasing the waters sodium chloride content to almost as much as a average ocean!!!

Photo Site:
Photo Site:
Salt is a chemical called sodium chloride that was originally made from brine or salt water. When salt is combined with ice it lowers the point of ice melting that is one reason why many people use it as a deicer.
What Is Salt?
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Our first solution to road salt pollution is deliverers they sometimes can become careless and will add enough salt to fill their truck and use way more road salt then needed. Also if they where provided by the state with a thermometer that would measure ground temperature because salt doe's not work as a deicer if the ground is under 15 degrees. Pre-wetting the salt also can help the salt stay where it needs to be
Lake Champlain Now:
Our Lakes Changes...
Photo Sites:
If we don't stop pollution now our lake could be like this
Our Sources:
Photo Site:
The bummer about this water pollution problem is that there are no other deicer options without problems!!! For example the next up is beet juice and that is just really messy. Plus it cuts down on the oxygen in water ways and can harm aquatic plants and animals. But there is something you can do!! If this winter you cut down on the salt slowly we may one step at a time save our watershed (Lake Champlain)
Thank you so much for watching!!!

By: Cortina Barbieri...

And Mahad Mohamed

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