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The Great Leap Forward

Made for The Mary Kelly Show

Alina Xu

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Great Leap Forward

Making Steel Communes Collective farms of over 25,000 people were made.
These farms were made to: Educate Children Make Steel
Grow Crops
These collective farms made steel in their backyard. People donated pot and pans made of steel. These pots and pans were melted and remade into steel. The steel however were of such bad quality that no one wanted to buy it. Wooden furniture was donated as well to keep the fire going.
Growing Crops Communes made for growing crops grew many crops. Many of the crops were severely damaged by floods and droughts. The few crops that survived were barely enough to support the communes that grew them, let alone all the people in China. Because of this, China's citizens went into famine. Over 20 million died. The government controled pretty much everything.
They controled: Work Schedule Land food rations The Great Leap Forward What started off in 1958 as an effort to modernize China ended up as an irreversable mistake.
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