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The Giver

No description

los buretos

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of The Giver

In the book an ordinary boy name Jonas was living a wonderful life.
The Giver
The Apple
The Giver
How Jonas changed over time
The Giver
Jonas was a regular kid in his community up until the ceremony of twelve when he was selected to be the next receiver of memory. Then everything changed. Jonas wasn't so sure if he liked his new assignment, but as he commenced his training he grew to like it.
Jonas' new perspective
The First Memory
As Jonas commenced his training, his first memory was when the The Giver gave Jonas the memory of snow. Jonas took of his tunic and lied on the bed. The first thing he felt was tiny, cold, feather like feelings pepper his body and face. Jonas also felt that he wasn't in the room anymore. He was on a thing called a sled. That was what Jonas saw in his first memory.
The Giver
The Apple is about Jonas tossing it with Asher back and forth. While they were tossing the apple back and forth Jonas noticed that the apple had changed. The apple was at first gray then changed into a bright red apple.
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