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No description

Laura Purdy

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Ypin

What is YPin? YPin is an organization for young people that allows us to have a say and help make changes around Northumberland.
It offers many opportunities, giving you the chance to get involved and make a difference in our area.
We usually meet once a fortnight and are looking to recruit new people. Anyone is welcome to join. What we are currently doing with Ypin At the minute, we are looking into:
Identifying the issues which affect young people around Northumberland
Increasing youth employment by creating a web page to advertise jobs to young people
Improving the image of youth, volunteering once a month at 'The Lantern club' - a club for the elderly Why you should at least come to the recruitment evening It'll be a chance to get involved in things happening around the local community
It'll be an opportunity to meet new people
There shall be free pizza
We'll even provide transport there and back
You don't have to join if you don't want to, but it'll be worth a look anyway The recruitment evening Currently, we have 5 members. We don't think this is a good representation of west Northumberland, and would love more people to get involved.
On Tuesday 26th March, we are holding an recruitment evening, showing young people what we get up to. This will be from 5-7pm at Prospect House in Hexham - transport can be provided for those who want it.
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