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Preventing Office Politics

No description

Dan Ledovskiy

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Preventing Office Politics

Ways to prevent from employer perspective
#1: Help employees understand each other
#2: Encourage respect
#3: Provide training
#4: Address conflict
#5: Break up the cliques
#6: Discourage gossips
#7: Create fair policies
Ways to prevent from employee perspective
Surviving office politics

Learn about office politics.
Causes of Office Politics
Scarcity of Resources
Extremely Competitive Work Environment
An inordinate desire to advance in an organization
Abuse of power to manipulate others
1. Objectives
2. Introduction
3. Definition of Office Politics
4. Reasons of Office Politics
5. Causes of Office Politics
6. Effects of Office Politics
7. Discussion
8. Ways to prevent it from employer perspective
9. Ways to prevent it from employee perspective
10. General reasons to avoid Office Politics
11. How to win at Workplace Politics
12. Surviving Office Politics
13. Activity
14. Conclusion
Preventing Office Politics
What is Office Politics?
- Politics is simply the practice and theory of influencing the duties or activities of other people or employees, in the workplace.

- Office politics involve a situation in various organizations whereby, employees tend to misuse their power or authority, in order to gain undue attention and popularity at the workplace.

Effects of Office Politics
Decrease in overall productivity
Affects Concentration
Spoils the Ambience
Changes the Attitude of employees
Increases Stress
Wrong Information
Increases Conflicts and Tension
#1: Get along with co-workers
#2: Do not talk about your company business
#3: Be helpful
#4: Stay away from gossip
#5: Stay out of those talk-down-the-boss sessions
#6: Be a straight arrow
#7: Document things
Determine which co-workers play office politics
Walk away when necessary
Prepare yourself for politics and power plays
Be careful what you share personal information
Stay positive
Set a good example
Be yourself
Reasons for office politics
Lack of Trust.
Personal Relationships.
Arrogant superiors.
Lack of supervision and control at the workplace.
Over competitiveness.
Job insecurity.
Limited resources.
Uninteresting jobs.

What are your various experiences in the workplace, relating to office politics and how did you or the organization handle it?

General reasons to avoid office politics
Affects organizations reputations
High turnover
Affects recruitment
Poisons the work environment
Low profit
Low employee morale

How to win at workplace politics
The best way to win at office politics, is to stay out of it.
Concentrate on your own work, rather than interfering in other’s business.
Do not always find faults in others.
Be honest.
Do not unnecessarily react to each and everything at the workplace.
Always hold back your temper at the workplace.
Do not spread rumors against anyone at the workplace.
Set a goal for yourself and stay focused.
Igbinosa Osaro Junior
Denis Marushchak
Made and presented by
*Defined and explained nature of office politics
*Discovered ways of preventing them
*Demonstrated how to survive and win in office politics game
*Provided reasons, causes and effects of it
Understand reasons and causes of office politics.
Learn about effects it has on workplace and to know why we should avoid it.
Learn about how we can prevent it from the employer and employee point of view.
Know how to win and survive in workplace politics.
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