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No description

Ashley Haden-Peaches

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of KCHSI 2

Thank You!
Opened in 1968
Federally Qualified Health Center
6 locations
5 clinics
Adult and Senior Health
Children and Adolescent Health
Women's Health
Behavioral Health

Manage case loads of 20-30 families
Assign referrals and incoming clients to CHWs
Gather and manage data for reports
Extensive documentation of each participant served
Help CHWs manage their caseloads
Coordinate services between other departments and Healthy Start
Coordinate in house training opportunities
Manage Happy Bottoms account
In addition to tasks of CHWs

Community Health Worker
Manage case loads of 30-40 families
Extensive documentation for each participant served
Connecting families to resources
Connecting families to medical services
Provide screenings
Depression, Development
Provide education
Safe Sleep, Parenting, Breast feeding, Pre/Post-natal care, Health Literacy, Immunizations, Well Child Checks, Child Safety, Insurance Options, Birthing Options and much more

Program Requirements
Zip code based
9 in Jackson County, 6 in Wyandotte County
Pregnant Women
Families with infants under age 2

Partner Programs
Parents As Teachers
Happy Bottoms
Family Conservancy
Start At Zero
Newborns in Need
Project Eagle
Nurse Family Partnership
Gentleman of the Round Table
And many more…..

Community Health Worker Roles
Community Health Workers

Rodgers Health
Swope Health Services
Kansas City Healthy Start
High Risk Categories
Teen mom
Mom or baby with physical or developmental disability
Domestic Violence
Rate high on Depression Screening
Live in 64132

Referral Process
Language Barriers
Citizenship Status
Low Health Literacy
Incentives vs Engagement
Repeat Pregnancies
Cultural Barriers
Navigating Resources
Changes in paperwork requirements
Other Services
Full Service Pharmacy
Marketplace/Medicaid enrollment
Healthy Start
Our Mission: To provide high quality, compassionate and affordable healthcare for all.

Populations Served
Low income
Refugees and Immigrants

Other Departments within Swope and Rodgers
MCHC Website
Other Agencies
Current or Former Clients
Rodgers: Confirmation of Pregnancy Report

Jobs/Lack of income
Health Insurance
Low education levels/literacy
Lack importance of medical care/preventative care
Mental Health Issues
Substance Use or Tobacco Use
Food Insecurity
Lack of appropriate/reliable childcare
English as a Second Language
Lack of support from the father of their baby and/or family and friends
Lack of citizenship status

Participant Struggles
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