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Domestic Animals and Society

A Prezi presentation on domestic animals' importance in society

Coby Naughton

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of Domestic Animals and Society

Domestic Animals and Society
Coby Naughton Why they're important Animals have many uses in society besides being simple pets. Dogs alone have many roles: Working dogs, Sled dogs, seeing-eye dogs, Show dogs, Guard dogs, Hunting dogs, police dogs, sheepdogs, etc. They also serve as lifelong (their life anyway) companions. More Ways They Have Helped Society Horses and Camels-transportation
Cats-catch mice
Oxen-manual labor
Mules, Llamas, Elephants, & Horses-beasts of burden
Cows, Chcickens, & pigs-food History of Domestication 15000 B.C.: The approximate date when humans first
domesticated animals.
11000-9000 B.C.: Domestication of the sheep and pig.
8000-500 B.C.: Domestication of goat, cow, cat, chicken,
guinea pig, donkey, duck, buffalo, horse, llama, silkworm,
pigeon, goose, camel, yak, alpaca, ferret, turkey, and
goldfish, honey bees, and Asian elephants.
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