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Deaf Cinema

Deaf Lit ASL 350

Nichole Avery

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Deaf Cinema

Deaf Cinema


Women Cinema

Deaf Cinema Criteria
Needs to be about the Deaf Experience
Have strong Visual Aesthetics
Made by Deaf Filmmaker (preferred)
Women Cinema Criteria
Made by women
About women
Bechdel Test
Films We're Analyzing
"Listen to the Hands of Our People"
"Listen to the Hands of Our People"
"Inside Lara Roxx"
Connected to Themes & Symbols
Close knit community
Bond of mother and daughter
Mouth, eyes and hands

Visual Aesthetics
Zooming in/Zooming out
Representation of sound
Shaking of the camera

Same opening/closing
Opening/closing with a twist
Huge twist ending
Bechdel Test
1. It has to have at least two women in it

2. Who talk to each other

3. About something besides a man
Works Cited
Christie, Karen, Patti Durr, Ph.D, and Dorothy M. Wilkins. "Close-Up: Contemporary Deaf Filmmakers." Deaf
Studies Today 2 (2006): 91-104. Print.

Laborit, Emmanuelle. The Cry of the Gull. Washington, DC: Gallaudet UP, 1998. Print.

Listen to the Hands of Our People. DIR. Jade Bryan. PERF. Tom Kane, Edward Cruickshank, Darryl Butcher,
Sam Edwards, Alberto Plair, Mildred Oberkotter, Quanquilla Mason. Deaf Vision Filmworks, 1994. DVD.

Inside Lara Roxx. DIR. Mia Donovan. PERF. Lara Roxx, Ron Jeremy, Sharon Mitchell, Meriesa Arroyo, Anita
Cannibal. Eyesteel Film, 2011. DVD.

Sarkeesian, Anita. (2009 December 7). The Bechdel Test for Women in Movies. Retrieved from https://


Producer Background
Mia Donovan has a B.F.A in Art History and Studio Arts from Concordia University in 2002
Producer Background
Jade Bryan is the first Deaf black filmmaker
Themes & Symbols
Visual Aesthetics
Featured Women
Questions we have for You! :)
Opening and Closing
Closing with a twist
Lara Roxx and Dr. Sharon Mitchell
Making Connection
"Information campaigns on AIDS are organized by hearing people for hearing people. The ads they run on TV aren't captioned and neither are televised medical programs... AIDS kills deaf people because they don't have enough information about it." (Laborit 109)
Lara Roxx and Meriesa Arroyo
Laura Roxx and Anita Cannibal
"Inside Lara Roxx"
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