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Sports and Religion

No description

Hailey Dunham

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Sports and Religion

Double click anywhere & add an idea Sports and Religion
sports as an organized institution
national anthem paint faces
wear the same t-shirt every game
collect team memorabilia
praying their team does well
recording favorite team/player stats
athletes perform the same ritual before every game
point to sky in acknowledgement
coaches leading pre-game/post-game prayers
displayal of religious beliefs with jewelry and tattoos athletes
fans Fans player/ coaches Player Image are fans and consumers more likely to be religiously motivated by seeing their favorite players display religious jewelry and/or tattoos? Essentially a piece of jewelry with significant meaning and connection to religion becomes only aesthetically desirable. jewelry crosses rosary WWJD bracelet The chaplain says there was a lot of hoopla when Allen Iverson-- the talented NBA point guard who has had numerous run-ins with the law during his career -- sported a 'What Would Jesus Do' (WWJD) bracelet on the basketball court. "People were saying 'Allen Iverson became a Christian, Allen Iverson became a Christian,'" he recalls. After a call to a colleague, Klassen learned that an NBA chaplain was handing out the bracelets, and Iverson simply decided to put one on.

-Jeff Dewsbury
(from Canadianchristianity.com May 2003)

NBA star Allen Iverson was mistakenly referred to as a
Christian after he impulsively wore a 'What Would Jesus Do' bracelet. tattoo The "Bibby" tattoo on Mike's right arm is now covered by a chain-linked cross. When asked about why he got this tattoo, Mike said "I'm religious person and I wanted a cross" Mike Bibby has a WWJD bracelet tattooed onto his wrist. Kenyon Martin
Mike Bibby
David Beckham Steven Jackson
praying hands holding a gun What kind of a message does this give to the fans? Donovan McNabb purpose? self reminder of faith
profession of faith
project certain image praying hands
crucifix depictions
Jesus Allen Iverson
wearing both a cross
and WWJD bracelet
along with tattoos
Are they influenced to purchase religious jewelry like
the WWJD bracelet? Do tattoos and jewelry change the image of the athlete? Allen Iverson
wears the WWJD bracelet
"bad boy" image
has been arrested and served jail time
Derek Fisher
wears the WWJD bracelet
"good guy" reputation
no visible tattoos

perceptions of these two athletes
are very different church hymns & songs churches, synogogues, mosques, etc.
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