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The Setting Sun and the Rolling World

No description

Hadassah Maryil

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of The Setting Sun and the Rolling World

Short Story Analysis The Setting Sun and the Rolling World
Charles Mungoshi The story begins with the father plowing the earth and thinking of his son. He is dreading the fact that his son will be leaving soon and will most probably not return again. The father is afraid to go out into the world because he has this stereotypical idea that home and family are the only two things that can hold a person together . When the son tries to reason with the father explaining to him how the family is very poor and the land is not tillable anymore, the father gets upset. Summary The Setting Sun and the Rolling World" is set in a farmers field.
The story takes place during a season of drought, which goes with the soon departure of the son.
The dusty earth sets the uneasy atmosphere of tension between the father and son due to his decision to explore the world. Setting Nhamo is the main character in this short story. He wants to go and explore the world and earn a decent living
Nhamo tried to explain this to his father, but he would not listen to him.
Nhamo's father, Musoni, is an old man who is hard in his ways. He does not like his son's decision to leave their home and go into the world. He is an example of a flat character. Characters A dominant theme in this story is that it can be very difficult for parents to let go of their children. No matter how old their child may be, they are still babies for the parents.
Another important theme is the way in which young people think. The common mindset among young people is to be free; whereas parents almost always want to hold onto their children, and think that change is harmful. Theme Musoni tries to change the sons mind on leaving their home.
They enter a heated argument on this decision.
This argument has been repeated for the past two months, and they both know there is going to be the same outcome. Rising Action Exposition The climax of his story occurs when Musoni finally agrees to his son leaving their home. The sun going down makes everything look blurry. This shows how the future for both Musoni and Nhamo is uncertain. Climax Falling Action The falling action of the story is when Musoni would not look at his son after giving him permission to leave home. Conflict Person vs. Person
Musoni gets upset when he is having an argument with his son. He is not willing to accept change in his life.
Nhamo and Musoni are arguing about his journey to another land. Although he gives permission for Nhamo to leave, he still thinks the worst of his sons decision. Point of View This story is narrated in the third person.
If this story were written in the first person, the story would be very different since the reader would only know the thoughts of the main character which would be very limiting.
The second person would also be inefficient compared to the third person point of view. Significance of Title The title is connected with the theme of this story because it shows how that although people have to suffer and go through trials, the world will not end there. They will move on after some time.
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