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Cause and Effect Flow Chart

A cause and effect flow chart that shows what we have learned this year!!!

Kennedy K

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Cause and Effect Flow Chart

Macey Wade
Caroline Miller
Abby Tomlinson
Kennedy Kruse
Derek Forte
Sam Hite Cause and Effect
Flow Chart French and Indian War 1754-1763 Acts of Parliament Taxation Proclamation of 1763 Debt for British Less expansion Greater population
in the colonies Lord Dunmore's War 1774 Rising violence between
British Colonists Writing Treaties The Battle of Point Pleasant Dunmore's Proclamation Slavry was more popular British became alarmed that
Dunmore ran away Acts of Parliament Stamp Act Tea Act Currency Act Townshend Act British were
lowering in debt Americans acknowledged the
authority of Parliament Tension between
the Colonies and Britain Boston Massacre Boston Tea Party Closed down
Boston Harbor Intolerable Acts 1770 Had to pay for tea Committees of
correspondence Added resistance
against British Helped unite the
against british Sparking a turning point
in the beginnings
of the revolutionary war 1763-1787 Revolutionary war 1776-1783 Treaty of Paris End of war Declaration of Independence British Army and Navy agreed
to leave American territories Did not have to provide food or
housing for troops Bill of rights Summary The French and Indian war is the starting point for most wars including the Revolutionary war. All of these Wars and Acts lead up to the colonies wanting to rebel against Britain leading up to the Declaration of Independence & Revolutionary war. Boston tea party/
tea act Significant Events Declaration of indpendence Treaty of Paris Boston massacre The French & Indian War is important because it is one of the main components that leads to the American Revolution. The French & Indian War lead to British debt which caused taxes lead to the Americans revolutionary war.

Boston Massacre was the spark of the american revolution because british troops hurt "Innocent" civilians. Which lead to the Boston Tea Party that caused the Intolerable (Coercive) Act. French and Indian war Shiloh Smith Macey Miller Mrs.tomlinson Derek Sam Abby Miller Sam
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