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DSHS Global Science Initiative

No description

anita lotti

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of DSHS Global Science Initiative

Galapagos Islands 2014 DSHS Global Science Initiative Anita Lotti

Dover-Sherborn High School Build in curriculum to help the students understand the issues surrounding the essential question Multischool model
Westborough and Hopkinton will be joining us
Students will collaborate while down on the Islands at the Darwin Research Center
Collaboration will continue through weShare on their Final Project Inquiry and Collaboration Start with an essential question
Are the educational benefits of visiting the Galapagos Islands worth upsetting the delicate balance that exists within this unique ecosystem? How are we going to do this? Chemistry What are we trying to do? What are we trying to achieve?
Connect our science curriculum to the world around us through international travel We want students to take what they learn here .... and apply it out here. Why do we want to do this?

Inspire Curiosity

Academic Rigor
Common Core: Integration of knowledge and ideas
Massachusetts Scientific Inquiry Skills and Technology/Engineering Standards

Student Accountability
Credit options How does this look from a student perspective? Students will use weShare to explore the Galapagos Students will use the following tools to explore the curriculum:
Inquiry and project based learning
Exploration of topics
Sharing information with each other Students will be asked to view the experience from a different set of eyes to promote empathy
Different stakeholders identified beforehand
Students will collaborate across districts at the Center
Provides authenticity: professionals at the Darwin Research Center will also work with the students on their projects For the final project, students will to go back to the essential question to create a project to express their ideas based on their research and experiences.
Projects will be multimedia based and will be posted to weShare forum for peer review by all students (across districts). Unit 1: History of the islands
Unit 2: The islands today
Unit 3: Environmental issues
Unit 4: Introduction to the stakeholders
Unit 5: Travel and Data Collection
Unit 6: Debate and Final Project Step 3: Travel and Collaboration Step 1: Introduction Step 2: Teacher guided assignments Step 4: Final Project and Peer Review
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