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The Land Of Stories

No description

Meg Archie

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The Land Of Stories

Queen Snow White goes to visit her stepmother in jail.
Alex and Conner get The Land Of Stories book from their grandma, Alex and Conner fall into the book.
Alex and Conner meet Froggy in the Dwarf Forests.
Alex and Conner go to The Northern Kingdom, meet Queen Cinderella and get the glass slipper one of the items they need for the Wishing Spell.
Alex and Conner go to Red Riding Hood Kingdom, meet Jack and Red Riding Hood, they get a piece of Red's basket which is also one of the items they need for the Wishing Spell.
Alex and Conner fall into a trap a troll and a goblin had set up, Alex and Conner get brought to the Troll And Goblin Territory to be slaves, Alex and Conner escape.
Alex and Conner go to the Fairy Kingdom and meet a fairy named Trix, Trix starts to cry Alex and Conner collect a tear, a tear of a fairy is another item they need for the Wishing Spell.
Alex and Conner go to the Sleeping Kingdom and meets Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty says she knows about the world Alex and Conner are from and gives them her spindle which is a item they need for the Wishing Spell.
Alex and Conner go to the Northern Kingdom and meet Snow White, ask her where her coffin is because it is one of the items they need for the Wishing Spell but Snow says that the dwarfs took it with them Snow moved to the Northern Kingdom.
Alex and Conner get chased by the Big Bad olf Pack they get saved by mermaids and there leader the Sea Foam who is The Little Mermaid, Alex and Conner need a saber that was traded to the Little Mermaid's sisters that they would use to kill the prince if she fell in love with him Alex and Conner need this because it is one of the itms they need for the Wishing Spell, the saber is in a hole that is full of thorns.
Alex and Conner get the saber and see Froggy again Alex and Conner get captured by the Big Bad Wolf Pack, the Big Bad Wolf Pack brings Alex and Conner to the Evil Queen.
The Big Bad Wolf Pack and the Evil Queen are destroyed, Jack and Goldilocks go on a adventure .
What Is The Conflict?
Who is the Evil Queen?
The Evil Queen is Snow Whites stepmother who was put in jail for trying to kill Snow White. The The only thing the queen could have in her jail cell with her was a stone heart that she took with her everywhere she went.
The Evil Queen is a very cruel women.
The Evil Queen wears a black cape, she has a pale face because it lost all it's color when she went to jail.
Chris Colfer is a award wining actor and singer best know for his role as Kurt Hummel on Glee. Chris was born on May 27, 1990 he is 23, Chris's parents are Karyn Colfer and Tim Colfer.
In middle school Chris attempted to write a fairytale inspired novel which was published in 2012 as The Land Of Story The Wishing Spell.
On June 8th, 2011 Chris signed a book deal to write 2 children's novels, since that he has wrote 5 children's novels but The Land Of Stories The Wishing Spell was written in middle school.
Chris was honored to be a member of the TIME 100, Times magazine's annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.
The Land Of Stories The Wishing Spell
By Chris Colfer

Alex and Conner Bailey are twins they are 12 years old. They both have strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes Alex and Conner both love fairy tales.
Alex loves school and looks at every lesson as a adventure. Alex loves to read fairy tales, she gets teased about how much she reads, Alex has no friends.
Conner is not good at school and falls asleep in class a lot, Conner has lots of friends.
Alex and Conner's dad died on there 11th birthday. Alex and Conner live with there mom Miss. Bailey. Miss. Bailey works all day the only time she gets to see Alex and Conner is her short lunch break and her short dinner break.
Froggy, Froggy is a talking frog Alex and Conner meet in the woods Froggy takes Alex and Conner back to his house and tells them about the Wishing Spell.
The Big Bad Wolf Pack, The Big Bad Wolf Pack is 7 big bad wolfs who go around and try to eat people Alex and Conner see The Big Bad Wolf Pack when they are in the forest.
Goldilocks, Goldilocks is a adult, with a horse named Porridge, Alex and Conner meet Goldilocks in the forest when she saves them from The Big Bad Wolf Pack.
Queen Cinderella, Queen Cinderella is the queen of the Charming Kingdom. Queen Cinderella is pregnant with her first child, Alex and Conner meet Queen Cinderella at a ball in the Charming Kingdom.
The Charming Brothers, the Charming brother are Chance Charming, Chase Charming, Chandler Charming and Charlie Charming. King Chance Charming is the oldest and is married to Queen Cinderella, King Chase Charming is married to Queen Sleeping Beauty, King Chandler Charming is married to Queen Snow White, Prince Charlie Charming went missing when he was around Alex and Conner's age. Alex and Conner
met King Chance Charming at the ball in the Charming Kingdom,
The Solution to The Land Of Stories is Alex and Conner have to look for the items faster Because the person the Evil Queen has looking for the items is really quick and knows how to get the items fast.
Who Is Chris Colfer?
The setting of The Land Of Stories The Wishing Spell is The Land Of Stories. The Land Of Stories is a book that Alex and Conner's grandma gave them that has every fairy tale in it. Alex start to see the book glow, she keeps it a secret. After a few days The Land Of Stories starts to suck things into it.
Alex was curious what would happen if she dipped her arm into to the book, Alex lost her balance and fell into the book. Conner jumped into the book to save her, they landed a forest what they didn't know was they were in The Land Of Stories a fictional land where fairy tales are real.

Who Is Alex and Conner?
Who Are The Other Important Characters?
The conflict of The Land Of Stories The Wishing Spell is when Alex and Conner have find the Wishing Spell items. First Alex and Conner had to find out what the Wishing Spell items are than Alex and Conner have to find them if they find them they get one wish it doesn't matter how big or small your wish is.
The Wishing Spell can only happen twice and it has already happened once. The Evil Queen is also looking for the Wishing Spell items.
Alex and Conner find out Cinderella's fairy godmother is there grandma who gives them the wish, the wish Alex and Conner ask for is to go home.
The Land Of Stories The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer
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