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Attitude of Gratitude 5.1 - Course 1 - Elementary - Grades 3-5

Treasure Yourself

7 Mindsets Academy

on 21 June 2017

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Transcript of Attitude of Gratitude 5.1 - Course 1 - Elementary - Grades 3-5

Attitude of Gratitude
Video Discussion Questions
3. Why is it important for us to treasure ourselves?
Video Discussion Questions
Treasure Yourself
Ice Breaker
You are Successful
Attitude of Gratitude Scribing Video
Applying it to Your Life
Treasure Yourself Activity
Treasure Yourself
Fireflies Dance
What comes to mind when you think about the word gratitude?
Usually when we express gratitude, we’re showing the ways that we’re grateful for others. Today, I’m going to challenge you to show some gratitude to yourself.
I am going to make a few statements. If you agree with a statement, give me a thumb up right in front of your chest like this.
Today we’re going to be intentional about treasuring ourselves. What does it mean to treasure something?
When we treasure something or someone, it means we value it very much. What is something you treasure in your life?
Today we’re going to learn to treasure ourselves to help us share our gratitude with others as well.
1. Why do you think the people rated themselves so low when they were asked to rate their own success?
2. How did the people who cared about them rate them? Why was it a different number?
Treasure Yourself
Transition and Wrap-Up
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