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Prezi by: Cindy Wei

Cindy Wei

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Nunavut

By: Cindy Wei Nunavut "Nunavut, right? Snow and Inuits - big deal." I know what you're thinking. An unforgettable adventure in the Canadian Arctic awaits you. Think again. No? Nunavut does. Can you name a place that covers more than 2 million square kilometres? It is Canada's largest
province or territory. Nunavut is located north of Manitoba.
It's also a neighbor of the Northwest Territories. Most of Nunavut is covered in UNTOUCHED
WILDERNESS. Rugged mountains,
fiords (long narrow bays),
and glaciers Form Nunavut's
treeless terrain. PERMAFROST * Although the top melts in the summer,
over 600m of the ground is covered in The wildlife in Nunavut is nothing short of spectacular. *permanently frozen ground POLAR
DESERT Nunavut is often known as a because of its dryness. This territory receives approximately 12 inches of rain annually. and Powerful winds
Unpredictable temperatures Prepare to experience -35˚C. Long, harsh winters can be as cold as... Short and mild summers average 10˚C. The icy grounds of Nunavut are home to... The skies are ruled by... extraordinary eider ducks magnificent gyrfalcons stunning Arctic foxes adorable seals majestic caribou and cuddly polar bears. dazzling ptarmigans and striking snowy owls. You might catch a glimpse of the endangered bowhead whale, mystical narwhal or playful beluga. If you're lucky, 33,000. The population of Nunavut is approximately the territory's capital city,
has a population of around Iqaluit, 6,700. It's over 2,500m above sea level. The highest point in Nunavut is - The Arctic Ocean
- Baffin Bay
- Hudson Bay Some of Nunavut's major waterways include... Apr. 1/1999, Nunavut became an official territory on although borders had been created in 1993. Land Territory at a Glance rich mineral deposits. Nunavut is known for its Copper, diamonds, gold, zinc, iron, lead, nickel, silver and uranium can all be found in this resourceful territory. CONSENSUS
GOVERNMENT. Nunavut's current government is called a It is in touch with aboriginal tradition. A premier and an executive council make the territory's biggest decisions. Because territories have less power, the citizens of Nunavut elect one representative for Canada's House of Commons, and one for the Canadian Senate. Canada's House of Commons.
Nunavut has one seat. Economy is Nunavut's biggest industry. FISHING Char, shrimp and turbot are the main catches. This is because there is a rich variety of fish living off the shore of Nunavut. * Cool Fact Traditionally, Inuits feed themselves by spearing.
After creating a hole in the ice, they stab unsuspecting fish. * Cool Fact Caribou alone outnumber the population of Nunavut, 25 to 1! are also major industries. Hunting and Trapping This is because Nunavut features some of the world's most highly prized game - musk oxen, caribou, walrus and wolf. MINING. Another one of Nunavut's many industries is Nunavut has large reserves of precious stones, natural gas, and oil. The People "the people", in Inuktitut*, have lived in Nunavut for over 5,000 years. INUIT, *Inuktitut: One of Nunavut's languages In 2008, $6,000,000 was made from the mining industry. - English
- French
- Inuit language (several dialects, including Inuktitut) Nunavut has 3 main spoken languages: Almost 85% of Nunavut's population is Inuit! * Cool Fact We like playing sports, hunting and fishing, whether it's for food, or for recreation. * Cool Fact False, sort of.

Although Inuits have lived in igloos for several thousand years, they are adding a modern spin to the traditional snow-block home. "Inuits live in igloos." Inuits live in wood-framed houses with oil burning furnaces. Today, Hunting has long been a cultural activity in Nunavut, but modern technologies are allowing Inuits to use rifles instead of walrus-tusk spears, and snowmobiles instead of dogsleds. Selling Points Nunavut's scenic territorial parks are a must-see destination. Bloody Falls * Cool Fact Bloody Falls is a historic site - it's where the legendary Bloody Falls Massacre took place. The Ijiraliq River Katannilik Territorial Park In Nunavut, you can do just about anything. This incredible territory offers... Hunting and fishing Birdwatching Camping and hiking Canoeing and kayaking Dogsledding Exquisite scenery You've just had the trip of a lifetime, in Canada's most exotic territory. Thanks for watching! THE END. 1)The World Book encyclopedia (2006 ed.). (2006). Chicago: World Book.
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APA formatting by BibMe.org. Bibliography: BARBEAU
PEAK. Barbeau Peak is located on Ellesmere Island. A minute in Iqaluit, Nunavut's capital! Inuktitut characters look like this. is Nunavut's capital city. Iqaluit Major cities in Nunavut include...
Iqaluit: Visit the the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum, Sylvia Grinell Territorial Park, and the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts and Crafts.
Rankin Inlet: Rankin Inlet pool, the Matchbox gallery and Ivalu Limited are great places to see.
Pangnirtung: Uqqurmiut Centre-Arts & Crafts, Pangnirtung Community Library and Pangnirtung Hunters & Trappers are places you don't want to miss!
Arviat: Neevee's coffee shop and Padlei Inns are popular attractions.
Baker Lake: Check out the Ookpiktuyuk Art Gallery, Arcade theme park, and Qamanittuaq Fine Arts Gallery.
Cambridge Bay: Stay at the Arctic Island Lodge, Ikaluktutiak Hotel, or Enokhok Inn. Major Cities and Things to Do The Arctic Lodge dining room!
What can I do here? Who lives in Nunavut? What's the weather like? What animals live here? What's the economy like? Most citizens of Nunavut reside in Iqaluit. The second and third most populated Nunavut cities are Rankin Inlet and Pangnirtung. Where do they live? Most people live near the coast (good for fishing)
Baffin Island and Ellesmere Island are also populated Ethnic Groups 86.2% of the population is Aboriginal.
Largest aboriginal group is Inuit.
The Dene live in the west.
Métis, descendants of natives/Europeans, are 0.3% of population.
Non-aboriginals make up almost 14% of the population.
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