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How we can learn from Albino Persecution

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Dalton Kearns

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of How we can learn from Albino Persecution

How we can learn from Albino Persecution
What is albinism
Albinism is a genetic that disease that affects eyesight, hair color and skin color. The only way for a albino to be born is if both parents have the genetic disease to pass it down to the child. A lot of albinos have parents that do have normal skin, hair and eyesight. Albinos are colorblind because of the loss of pigment in there eyes. Albinos skin and hair is white because of the loss of melanin. A lot of people in poor countries
Witch hunters
Abduction process

Albino name calling
Albino myths
Albino Rape culture
Albino activist
Laws that protect albinos
what we can learn from it
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