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Looking Out/Looking In-Ch. 3-Perception

No description

Shannon Lewis

on 5 November 2011

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Transcript of Looking Out/Looking In-Ch. 3-Perception

Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 3
Perception: What you see is what you get The Perception Process 1st step: Selection 2nd step: Organization 3rd step: Interpretation 4th step: Negotiation Influences on Perception Physiological Influences The senses Age Health & Fatigue Hunger Biological Cycles Psychological Challenges Cultural Differences Social Roles Occupational Roles Relational Roles Tendencies in Perception Perception Checking
1. Describe the behavior you noticed.
2. Realize there are at least two possible
interpretations of the behavior.
3. Request for clarification of how to interpret
the behavior. Empathy - the ability to re-create another person's
perspective, to experience the world from the other's
point of view. Cognitive Complexity Position 1:
I'm right,
you're wrong. Position 3:
Both right,
both wrong Position 4:
The issue isn't
important Position 2:
You're right,
I'm wrong Position 5:
There's truth in
all perspectives http://www.empathybelly.org/
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