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Tyler Oakley

No description

Gabrysia Bazoberry

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley
This is Tyler Oakley.
He is a 26 year old man living in Los Angeles. He loves chicken nuggets. He had hair in every single colour that you can think of.

He has also a YouTube channel.
He started vlogging when he was on the university. Tyler thought it was a great way to communicate with his friends from high school and that's how his journey started.
Every week there were more and more of people watching him, so he decided to take YouTube seriously and it soon became his job.
Tyler's videos are mostly funny challenges, collaborations with other people or videos where he talks about things important for him.
Tyler is openly gay and he was never trying to hide it. He supports many charities, such as Trevor Project - an organization that prevents suicides. This year, for his birthday, he raised 532,000$ for this charity. The money was only from people watching him. He asked the YouTube community for help in his goal and he managed to help many people.

People appreciated his work so he won Teen Choice Award twice and became Streamy Entertainer of the Year and Streamy Icon Activist of the Year in 2014.
Tyler Oakley is 1,65 m high.
1,65 m
Now Tyler has more than 6 million subcribers. His videos have almost 400 million views. He has many friends and he is a positive person with dreams.
Thanks for your attention
For example, last year he had an amazing opportunity to meet every person on the red carpet during the GRAMMYs - one of the most popular music awards.
...and he also met Michelle Obama
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