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No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of rodrigo

Wonderful Rodrigo
Wonder is a book of a boy named August that has problems with his face cause he was born like that.
I think this book is wonderful cause it talks about a wonderful story
Hes a boy that he stold a bag from big woman He wanted shoes He got money from the large woman. Roger
is greatfull because the large woman
gave him 10 dollars.

August is a boy that has issues with his face Were ever he goes they all stare at. He is greatfull cause his mom homed schooled him but he is
moving on to real school.
My wonderful family
They are wonderful their always thier for me and take care of me.
My mom works and I thank her for that.My dad works pays sisters school and buys me stuff he works really hard for us.Brother has his family and works night and day.
I like soccer and skateboarding with my friends I'm in two teams and play defense and goal keeper.I like to skate with my friends their fun to hang outwith. I want for my birthday
$300 dollar soccer shoes
Don is great because he could change lots of people life that couldn't walk and those people grateful cause they can walk now.
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