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Kristen Stewart-KiKi

Something about my idol ;)

Katie Wolf

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Kristen Stewart-KiKi

By:Katja Bajs Bassic Filmography Full name:Kristen James Stewart
Born:9.4.1990 Los Angeles,California
She's american actress,model
Active years:1999-present
competition,dynamic... 1999-The Thirteenth Year Mother:Jules Mann-Stewart
Father:John Stewart
Brothers:Cameron,Taylor, Dana Stewart Attended until 7th grade
Education by correspondence until she completed high school She was dating whit Michael Angarano.
Since year 2008 she was dating whit Robert Pattinson-which is now after few hard months for their relationship standing on the hard ground again.
She become very good friends whit Taylor Lautner,Nikki Reed,Ashley Greene and Dakota Fanning. Dogs or Cats:Cats
Werewolfs or Vampires:Vampires
High heels or Sneakers:Sneakers
Favourite City:Los Angeles
Favourite Bend:Van Morrison
Favourite Food:Pasta
Favourite Drink:Water Kristen Stewart 2000-The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas 2001The Safety of Objects 2002-Panic Room 2003-Cold Creek Manor 2004-Speak,Catch That Kid,Undertow 2005-Fierce People,Zathura 2007-The Messengers,In the Land of Women,The Cake Eaters,Into the Wild,Cutlass 2008-Jumper,What just happened,
TWILIGHT 2009-Adventureland,
Twilight saga:NEW MOON 2010-The Yellow Handkerchief,
The Runaways,The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE,
Welcome to the Rileys 2011-The Twilight Saga:
BREAKING DAWN – Part 1 2012-Snow White and the Huntsman,
The Twilight Saga: BREAKING DAWN – Part 2,On the Road Family School Personal life Special The End QUESTIONS 1.Where was she born?
2.In what movie she played her first big role?
3.Wich movie changed her life and her career?
4.Where she wants to go becose she wants to be a writer?
5.Wich is her favourite bend? Resources Wikipedija
Smrklja 2010
Youtube My Favourites interviews whit her My Favourite photo of her My Favourite Quote Of Her
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