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Navajo Indians

No description

Lucas The Boss

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Navajo Indians

One thing that the Navajo indians never stopped doing is art, they build a lot of things. In the past they lived in Hogans and now most of them live in trailers. In the past they spoke their native language but now most of them speak English. The Navajos indians are changing much through out the years. They used to live freely within the great plains but now they are limited to indian reservations. Also, now indians use our inventions instead of their native tools.
Before and Today
Manuelito was born in 1818 and was known as the Navajo war leader. In 1850 when the soldiers shot the Navajo´s horses they started creating armies and that was Manuelito´s first chance to be a leader. He was enraged because they killed his horses and sheep. so Manuelito attacked the governments bases. Unfortunately Manuelito had to surrender. He was named Chief and was one of the best in Navajo Tribe. he passed away in 1894.
Well known Navajo Indians
Almost all Navajo people speak English today, but nearly 150,000 Navajos also speak their native Navajo language (Diné Bizaad). Navajo is a complex language with tones and many different vowel sounds. Most English speakers find it very difficult to pronounce. If you'd like to know an easy Navajo word, "yá'át'ééh" (sounds a little like yah-ah-t-ay) means "hello" in Navajo
What language do the Navajo indians speak?
The Navajo are natives of the Four Corners region (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado). The Navajo people are still living in their traditional territory today.

The Navajos used to make their houses, called hogans, of wooden poles, tree bark and mud. Today, many Navajo families still live in hogans, although trailers or more modern houses are tending to replace them.

The Navajo Indians are the largest recognized Native American Indian tribe in the United States. The Navajo Indians originally began their tribes in the 1500s. The word Navajo comes from the phrase Tewa Navahu, meaning highly cultivated lands.
Who were the Navajo?
Navajo Indians
Video Time!
Our Model!
Navajo Quiz
Navajo clothing for both men and women initially was deerskin for shirts and skirts. The men later wore cotton or velvet shirts with no collars, breeches below the knee, and moccasins. Women gradually wore the "squaw dress," made of plain dark blankets.
Ruth Roessel
Ruth Roessel was a very important teacher and author in the Navajo tribe. she was knowledgeble in all the responsibilities a Indian woman had to know. She died recently in 2012 with 77 years of age
We will ask you some questions, the group with most questions right wins
Good Luck!
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