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what does wwf do to help the wildlife?

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Emily M

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of what does wwf do to help the wildlife?

what does wwf do to help the wildlife?
WWF is a fund that helps animals that have a risk of becoming extinct, and helps restore destroyed habitats that have been polluted.

WWF protects many species that are in danger because of human beings decisions and actions.

WWF also protects places and habitats that are important to wildlife's everyday needs.
mesoamerican reef
chihuahuan desert
northern great plains
There are so many more endangered animals and destroyed habitats that WWF is helping to protect, and just way too many to name.
World Wildlife Fund
what's our goal at WWf?
WWF gives themselves missions to conserve nature and to reduce threats to destroy diversity on Earth. We speak for the animals that don't have a voice, and we try to make sure that the value of nature is reflected in decisions that are made by us ( individuals, governments, communities, and businesses).
Our main goals at WWF are:
- protect and restore species and their habitats
-strengthen local communites' abilities to conserve natural resources
-mobilize millions of people to support conservation/ save the animals and their habitats
who is involved in this wildlife fund?
Tons of people are involved for different areas of the company. Their are 41 experts that have been working a long time in this fund that also help.

Some partnerships that we have at WWF are Avon, Care-WWF Alliance, and Coca-Cola. These companies help us to raise money for protecting the wild and to have more fundraisers.

The most important people involved in this company is obviously the donators. Without them we wouldn't have come this far in helping to save animals and their habitats.
how did wwf start?
People noticed that their were very limited wildlife organizations. Then it all changed when WWF was created in 1961 by a group of international conservationists that wanted to raise funds in support of global effects. Prince Bernard of the Netherlands become the organizations first ever president. Surprisingly, WWF was the second national organization to be formed in 1961. One of the very first and successful projects they were working on raised $33,500 to help save the bald eagle, the Hawaiian sea bird, the giant grebe of Guatemala, the tule goose in Canada, and the red wolf in southern U.S.
Bald eagle
Hawaiian sea bird
Giant Grebe
Tule Goose
Red wolf
Where does your money go when you donate?
how to donate
You can make a donation online at www.worldwildlife.org. Either make a one time donation,monthly donation, or become a member. You can also buy cute and cuddly stuffed animals that can help make a donation depending on which animal you pick. You can also buy clothing, toys and games and all money raised goes to a great cause.
Don't have time for searching things online? Call the adoption hotline 1-800-CALL-WWF
Adopt and animal and get a stuffed toy.
Buying cool clothing
can also help raise money.
Even buying toys can help
interesting facts
- 97% of wild tigers were lost in just over a century leaving only about 3,200 existing in the wild today
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