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Miss Maudie

By: Analyssa Curtis

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Miss Maudie

Maudie's World
Last night at the school play Jean Louise was a ham. She was escorted by Jeremy. Atticus has told me that Bob Ewell is dead. He also told me that Bob Ewell attacked his children. Arthur saved the children, that is what Atticus told me. Although the story Heck tells everyone is that Bob Ewell fell on his knife.
Arthur Radley
The night that the Finch children were attacked Arthur saved them. After all of Jean Louise's games she finally met him face to face. I saw that she walked Arthur home after everything that happened. He never did come back out.
Two Mockingbirds
Charles Baker harris
I was attending to my Azaleas when I saw Jeremy & Jean Louise playing in their yard. I spotted our new neighbor Charles Baker Harris. He's is playing with the Finch children. Jeremy informed me that Charles Baker Harris is seven years old and he can read. He's staying with Rachel this summer. The children were playing a peculiar game that involved scissors. It looked like they were reenacting all of the rumors of the Radley family. I also heard Jeremy screaming from underneath their porch. I assume that is part of their game.
Arthur radley
Mad Dog, Alexandra, & Flowers
Today I got a phone call about a mad dog. Calpurnia spotted it down the road near the Radley house. Heck and Atticus showed up to put the dog out of its misery. Heck gave the gun to Atticus who took the dog out with one shot. Jeremy and Jean Louise seemed to not know there father was "the deadest shot in Maycomb county". In other news Atticus' sister, Alexandra, is visiting for a while. I'm sure we will be well acquainted. Mrs. Dubose yells at the children as they pass her house. Afterward I heard from Atticus that Jeremy destroyed her flowers. Now he must read to her. I doubt the children know of the struggles she goes through with her morphine addiction.
Atticus went to the jail tonight to make sure that Tom is not hurt. When he came back all he said was that Jean Louise made the mob stop and step into his shoes. That morning Atticus went to trial. I heard from Stephanie Crawford that the trial took quite a long time. Atticus put hard work into that case but there was no way Tom Robinson would be found innocent. Mayella is a victim but so is Tom. He was found guilty and taken away.
The Verdict
Atticus caught the children trying to mess with the Radley's. The children planned to put a "secret" note into the Radley house in order to get Arthur out. I saw Charles at one end of the sidewalk and Jean Louise at the other. Jeremy was attempting to force a note into the Radley house. The children were told not to continue their antics. Jean Louise and Jeremy have been around the Radley tree quite alot. I always see them pulling trinkets out. So far I have seen them pull out gum, twine, figurines, a watch and chain, a knife, and a medal.
Since two white people wrongly accused Tom his fate was sealed. The people of Maycomb knew Tom Robinson's fate before the jury uttered a word. Stephanie Crawford told me that the jury took many hours for the jury to decide. They came back with a guilty verdict. Of course. She said that as Atticus was leaving all of the people on the balcony stood up. No one in the room was very surprised by the verdict.
Tom Robinson's fate
When Atticus returned he was disappointed about the trial. Then, Heck Tate pulled up in his automobile and whispered to Atticus. Apparently, Tom tried to run and escape so an officer was forced to shoot him. Tom is dead. Atticus went to break the news to Tom's wife.
The School Play
Tonight there is to be a play at the school about the county. Jean Louise is going to be a ham. Jeremy offered to walk Jean Louise to the play. I was going to see her costume before but she wanted me to be surprised. There is also to be a fair where everyone can play games. I saw the play and she did great after she got on the stage. She was a little bit late on her cue. Afterward, I went home.
I believe the two mockingbirds in the story are Tom Robinson and Arthur(Boo) Radley. Tom Robinson is a mockingbird in the story because he is an overall good person who has been a hard worker all his life. He loses his life because of a lie that someone's tells against him. The other mockingbird is Arthur Radley. He was the town recluse. He never came out until the end. He saved the Finch children from Bob Ewell. He saved innocence even though his was destroyed when he was a child. The mockingbirds of the story were great characters.
" Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up peoples gardens, don't nest in corn cribs. They don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird."
-Miss Maudie
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