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No description

Kaitlyn Walton

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of volleyball

Volleyball What I plan to discuss today: Setter Spikers/ Hitters Passer Server To help in the understanding of volleyball The set ups of volleyball
Positions of volleyball Passers are meant to bump the ball into the air and towards the setter Setters are meant to set the ball high enough for a player to spike the ball down and over the net Spikers are meant to hit the ball downwards and over the net, fast and hard, so the other team can't pass the ball up and continue the rally The server is meant to have enough strength to hit the ball over the net from the service line, which is 29 ft 6 in, and have the volleyball still stay inside the boundaries (lines). My reason for discussing this: Positions Correct Way To Play Each Position Passers get the first pass so they can have the volleyball back into control on their side and easier for the setters to get to. In volleyball there are 3 possible hits. Meaning the players only get 3 chances to get the ball back over the net. The players goal is bump, set spike. Setters get the second ball so they cam set the ball up for the spikers. It is important for the second ball to be a set or a bump-set because if it isn't the ball will go over soft and it'll be easy for the other team to send it right back over. Spikers get 3rd ball because if they successfully spike it over, The ball will be extremely difficult to pass back into the air. Therefore giving us the point once it hits the ground. The purpose of the server is to serve the ball over the net and inside the boundaries. Where the opposing players are not. When this happens, meaning the ball is served over and the other team didn't touch it before it hit the ground, its called an ace. Set ups of volleyball Serve receive: There are many different serve receive set ups, but at Moorhead, we use a 3 person serve receive. Serving During serving, the players are all at base, meaning the 3 front row players are at the net blocking and the back row players are behind the 10 foot line, staggered. After serving, the server runs up to right- back to join the team. Why the positions are where they are:
The setter pushes the front row player right in front of them, up to the net
Its 3 person serve receive so the players don't bump into each other as easily
There's one person in front of the 10 foot line to pick up any short serves After the other team serves, the players immediately return to their original spots. like this: What I discussed: The different positions
The correct way to play each position
The set up of volleyball
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