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Hero's Journey In Mulan

No description

K Mc.

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Hero's Journey In Mulan

Status Quo
-Mulan's life in China
-Mulan is helped by her ancestors though she does not see them
-Mushu the dragon along with the "lucky" cricket leave to join her
Mulan must be careful to hide her identify
The Emperor offers Mulan a place on his council, but she refuses
The Emperor gives Mulan his Imperial crest and Shan Yu's sword

Mulan must pass the various tests
Hero's Return


Call to Adventure
New Life
The End
Mulan leaves her parents house
she leaves her family with a heavy heart
-Mulan's life in China
-Visiting the matchmaker
-Preparing herself to get married
-The Emperor's men order one man from every family to fight in the army against the Huns
-Mulan's father is too weak to fight
-Mulan knows she must sercretly take his place
Mulan changes her appearance
Mulan returns home unharmed
Comes home to her family and friends
Mulan is followed by Shang
The story of young Mulan's preparation and battle follow the outline of a Hero's Journey. Her life is changed forever through this journey.
Shan Yu, and some of his men invade the city
Shang does no believe Mulan when she tells him Shang was not killed
Shan Yu and his men kidnap the Emperor

Mulan Returns home to her family
Shang comes looking for her
She returns to her normal life
The various tests prove to be harder than they seem
Mulan returns home to her ordinary life.
Mulan's father now understands who she really is.
Mulan returns home with Shang
Movies of a hero follow a specific outline. The steps move from the status quo all the way to the hero's new life after their adventure. The story of Mulan follows these steps.
A Hero's Journey
By: Hilary, Renata, Mya, Keira
If someone found out she would be sent home
Mulan defeats Shan Yu
Mulan fails the test at first, but she succeeded the second time
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