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Determination Assembly

Year 9 assembly on determination

Kelly Holcombe

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Determination Assembly

Determination Year 9 Assembly Determination Dre Parker.
Bullied by peers at school.
Martial arts very important.
Determined to work hard and
show how strong willed he is. Determination The Leaf-Cutter ants work hard.
Individually or as part of a team.
They see a difficult task ahead of
them and consider the best,
most efficient way to get the job done. Determination Oscar Pistorius.
26 years old.
First ever double amputee to compete in any Olympic Games.
Did not win, but earned respect.
He tried.
He'll try again.
No matter what. Determination These children who live so far from school, travel every day to be there.
They are determined to be educated.
Even if it means putting themselves in danger every single day. Determination Adam Bojelian. 12 years old.
Determined to attend school.
Cannot walk, talk, laugh, or cry.
He is blind and has cerebral palsy.
He also has FOUR
life threatening illnesses. Adam communicates by blinking.
He has written award winning poetry... Determination His mum has always been so determined for Adam to follow his dreams. She helped him access programs that helped him to write poetry and even a song... Adam won an award and even a Blue Peter gold badge for it!
#JealousMuch! Determination You think that school journey was bad... Look how determined this family is to get their children to school. Determination What are you determined to achieve?
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