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Ms. Carlson


Mary Carlson

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Ms. Carlson

Mary Carlson: SMUMN Experience "I am"
I'm from the corn and the soy.
I'm from the paint and the rocks
the endless volleyball practices
I'm from weekends with Dad
Riding bikes through parking lots
I'm from go to church on Sunday
watch Simpsons with dinner
I am from Princess Di and the Twin Towers
Oklahoma and Columbine
I am from Mexico, Italy, and Cairo
I am a daughter a sister a friend
I am from giving nothing less than my best
I am from kids who teach me to love
I am
Mary the learner My "Worldview" Together we can accomplish great things Ms. Carlson the teacher Value the PROCESS
not just the product Celebrate LIFE! DISCOVERY Learning Importance of LITERACY Planning a UNIT
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