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Planning and Organizing the Housekeeping Department

No description

Yashira Fuentes

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Planning and Organizing the Housekeeping Department

Planning and Organizing the Housekeeping Department
Performance Standards
Lets take a look at the
charts !
Being a Executive Housekeeper takes a lot of effort and time like every other manager in any position in the hotel Industry. The Executive Housekeeper manager functions also fits into the overall process of Management.
Identifying Responsibilities
Public areas
Pool and Patio areas
Management offices
Storage areas
Laundry room
Back of the house-Locker rooms
Frequency Schedules
A schedule that indicates how often each item on an area inventory list needs to be cleaned or maintained
Deep Cleaning, often conducted according to a special schedule or on a special-project basis. INTENSIVE OR SPECIALIZED

What are standards? 
(According to Dictionary.com)

Something considered by an authority or by general 
consent as  a basis of comparison; an approved model.

 A rule or principle that is used as a basis for judgment

   An average or normal requirement, quality, 
quantity, level,grade, etc.

 Standards, according to the book, 
are required quality levels of performance.
Performance Standards
How does the executive housekeeper begin to  develop performance standards

 One of the most important things to 
consider when planning the work of the housekeepers is consistency ... Why?

 Keys to consistency... How?

 Consensus; mayority of opinion or general agreement

 How are performance standards comunicated and implemented?

 Managing those standards
Equipment and Supply Inventory
Recycled Inventory
Organizing the HK department
When we talk about organizing we refer to the responsibilities of an executive housekeeper.

- Two things that should guide the organization of a department are:

• Each employee should have only one supervisor.

• Supervisors should have the authority and information necessary to

guide the efforts of employees under their direction.

- The executive housekeeper is responsible
for the actions of department supervisors.
Department Organizational chart
In Table #1 we see the chart of a small hotel where the title of housekeeping department

manager depends of specifics jobs.

In a mid- hotel the housekeepers are supervised.

In table #2 we see the organization chart of a hotel that offers world-class service.
Task List and Job Description
The executive housekeeper has to plan the work for the department of housekeeping properl and organized.

Table # 3 presents an example of a job description for room attendant.

The job descriptions should be reviewed at least once a year.
Yashira Fuentes
Annette Berrios
Christian Gonzales
Jailine Padilla
Jessica Vazquez

HMHM 301
Area Inventory list
Coordinating and Staffing

Management Function

Involves recruiting applicants

Teams of two people are usually assigned 30 to 35 rooms.

One hotel uses teams of three people and incorporates responsibility for the honore bar.

Hotels that use this technics suggest that this idea comes from the employees.

Team Cleaning
Advantage of team cleaning
include the following:
Fewer tools are needed; for example, one vacuum, one cart, one caddy of cleaning

Moral is higher. Having a team mate eases the stress.

Cleaning tasks are accomplished more easily with two people.

Safety is improved with two people in the room.

Careful planning is key to success
Have linen and chemical inventories equally distributed.

Some hotels save on labor costs due to team cleaners
completing rooms faster than

Scheduling may require special effort.

“four eyes are better than two for seeing behind or something not right in a room”

Directing and controlling
Directing is focusing employees activity on the goals

Supervising, motivating, training and disciplining employees.

Controlling refers to the executive housekeeper’s responsibility to implement procedures

that protects the hotel’s assets.

Management housekeeping is always evaluating
that the goals and standards are attained.

Evaluate monthly budget versus labor expenses.

In adition executive housekeeper needs
information on a daily and weekly basis.

Non- Recycled Inventory
List of all items within a particular area that need cleaning by or attention of housekeeping personnel.
example: Morning and turndown list
Productivity Standards
How the executive housekeeper begins to establish productivity standards

Why these standards vary

Quality & Quantity

If the quality expectations are set too high...

If performace standards are set too low...

Sharpen and refine current work methods and procedures

The challenge of an executive housekeeper
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