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Riverbanks Zoological and Botanical Garden

a case presentation of Group 5

Abe Resma

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Riverbanks Zoological and Botanical Garden

Order of Presentation Introduction Glorabelle Resma
Internal Assessment Bea Marie Jaen
Financial Ratios
Value Chain Analysis
IFE Table
External Assessment Krystel Kaye Lee
Competitive Analysis
Key Industry Trends
EFE Table
Strategy Formulation Regie May Berou
SWOT Matching Matrix
Strategy Evaluation Glorabelle Resma
Strategy Implementation Anya Gabucan Vision To become the most distinctive zoo in the U.S. and the top-choice destination for both locals and tourists. Mission Financial Ratios Value Chain IE Matrix Operations Marketing and Sales Created a website www.riverbanks.org
Offer memberships for guests to join the Riverbanks society Service provided a landscaped parking lot which is large enough to accommodate 250 cars
tram from the zoo employs 160 individuals
200 volunteers Human Resource Activities Have 2 entrances
Have a total of nine exhibits in the zoological park featuring 2,000 animals and a 70-acre botanical garden which also houses the outdoor classroom and historic ruins
Hold signature events
Offers function rooms and selected areas in the park to hold parties, weddings, seminars, and other events IFE Matrix internal assesment External Assessment EFE Matrix IE Matrix Strategy evaluation SWOT Matrix Strategy Formulation Key Trends in the
Macroenvironment Socio-cultural Fossil Collection Natural Weather Conditions Economic Increase in prices
Budget Cuts In Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden, we provide a diverse educational and high-quality recreational experience for all Riverbanks visitors, locals and tourists, children and adults alike. We are dedicated to provide all the resources at our disposal for the conservation of the earth’s flora and fauna and also providing the highest standard of care for our animal and plant collection. We strive to foster appreciation and concern for all living things, at the same time, providing our employees with a healthy environment to work with. Strategy Implementation Balanced Scorecard
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