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An introduction to English phonetics

Deida Perea

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Phonetics

A brief Intro to English Phonetics

Spelling system
_ the same sound is spelled using different letters: sea, see, scene, receive, thief, amoeba, Aesop...
_the same letters can stand for different sounds: sign, pleasure, resign/ charter, character...
_ a single sound is spelled by a combination of letters: lock, that, book, boast, mountain, shop, apple, special...
_a single letter represents more than one sound: exit, use...
_ letters stand for no sound at all: know, doubt, though...

Articulatory system
How sounds happen in English...
Articulatory phonetics
Acoustic phonetics
Auditory phonetics

The study of speech sounds
IPA: consonant sounds
IPA: vowel sounds
Vowel articulation
Vocal tract
To consider for consonants:

-Manner or articulation
-Place of articulation
To consider for vowels
-Height: high, mid, low
-Advancement: back, central, front
-Tenseness: tense, lax
How many sounds are there?
I'm sorry, I'm late...
Give them to him when he comes back...
Introduction to English Linguistics
Pedagogía del Inglés
ICSA-UACJ Ciudad Universitaria
M.A. Deida Perea Irigoyen
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