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takes the hassle and time-wasting effort out of manually winding and organizing the heated supply hoses used when applying spray foam.

Ben Rainwater

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Recoiler

NeuAir Company Jeremy Welkley - CEO Garrett Ellis - Manufacturing Engineer Marsha James - VP Marketing & Sales Lance Hayes - R&D Engineer Ben Rainwater - CFO neuaircompany@gmail.com 501/837/7745 Spray Polyurethane Foam Market Residential
& Commercial Buildings Mobile Spray Rigs Energy Savings The Problem Closest Solution The Recoiler NeuAir Company Introduces Turns a time and labor intensive job into a quick and easy task.
Uses a powerful motor to bring in heavy hose
Requires minimal effort for worker
Patent Application Market Size New rigs produced in North America each year:
20% Annual Growth Existing rigs to retro-fit:
1500-2000 Business Plan includes high Recoiler sales in first 3 years followed by slight decline to match rig production

NeuAir plans to introduce second product in Year 3 to maintain growth Marketing and Sales Trial Products

Informational Packets

Travel Funds (~$20000/yr)
Full-time Sales Manager Full-time Marketing Manager Initial Investment Management Team - $25,000 Investor - $280,000 Uses of Initial Investment

Marketing Manager Sales Manager
Accountant Technician Secretary

Capital Equipment Investments Trial products Salaries Patent Applications Company Milestones Year 1
Introduce Recoiler Year 3
Introduce New Product
Expand Facility
Hire additional Engineer (Total 2)
Year 5
Introduce New Product
Expand Facility
Hire additional Engineer (Total 3)
Recoiler Profits Price $1500 COGS $500 ______ Margin/product $1000 Exit Strategy 1. Acquisition (Graco) 2. MEBO - Management and Employee Buyout Return to Investor $280,000 initial investment
$1.2 Million after 5 years
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