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The Year My Sister Got Lucky

No description

Julia Savage

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The Year My Sister Got Lucky

The Year My Sister Got Lucky
By Aimee Friedman
Julia Savage
English 10
Period 5

There are a few tones that were presented in this novel. At the beginning, it was very formal, as the two sisters went to a very formal ballet academy. After they moved, the tone was very cynical. They had nothing good to say about their new home.
Main Characters
The main characters in my novel were the two dancing sisters, Katya (Katie) and Michaela Wilder. At the beginning, they were best friends. But as the story went on, they grew farther and farther apart.
Katie is a very shy girl, and a tad judgemental as well. You see this in the novel when they move to Fir Lake, and a girl in her class tries to be nice to her and become friends, but Katie doesn't respond because she looks too much like a "country girl" with her flannel shirts and braided red hair. She also tells her sister about this. "Why is that Fir Lake country girl trying to be friends with me?"
The setting in this novel begins in New York City, then migrates to Fir Lake, New York; which is exactly what Katie expected, rainy, boring, and in the middle of nowhere.

The conflict in this in the novel would be "Man vs. Man" because at the beginning, the sisters are upset at their Mom when she tells them they're moving away. Also, as the story goes on, the sisters start getting annoyed with each other, so it's still a "Man vs. Man" conflict.
Plot Summary
This novel begins with the Wilder sisters being best friends. They told each other everything.. That's what Katie thought anyway. When she finds out Michaela was hiding the fact that they were moving from her, she realized maybe that's not the only thing she was hiding from her.
Plot Summary
When they finally get to Fir Lake, Michaela has made new friends within the first couple days. Katie is mortified when she finds out that Michaelas new friends are stealing Michaela away from her, and even more mortified when she finds out that the girls Michaela are hanging out with, are the most popular girls in the school. Michaela starts getting into smoking cigarettes, lying to her parents and to Katie. The only reason Katie knows any of this about her sister is from school. Not from Michaela. Katie finds out Michaela has been sneaking out with her boyfriend every night, and eventually, Michaela wins the prize of being homecoming queen, which Katie is disgusted by.
Plot Summary
The biggest secret, according to Katie, that Michaela has been keeping from her, is that Michaela doesn't want to dance anymore. They have been dancing together since they were little, and when Katie hears this news, she's horrified. In the end, Michaela and Katie work things out, and become best friends again.
Favorite Part
My favourite part would be when Katie went to the homecoming dance with her friend Autumn. She went with a boy in her class that had asked her, but while Katie was dancing with him, she realized that she did not like him like that. She had a crush on Autumns brother Jasper.
Favorite Quotation
“I think those of us who can't sleep dream better than anyone else,' Emmaline whispers with a smile. 'After all, we get to own the night.”
Because I believe it's true. Those who can't sleep, dream better than anyone else, because they have the whole night to themselves to use their crazy imaginations and think up whatever they want.

There are many themes that are presented in this novel, but one that stood out for me was growing up. Katie learns a lot about growing up when she realizes that her sister will and does have a life outside of their family.
My opinion on the book
I would give this book a 7/10, mainly because it was so predictable. They move away and her sister becomes popular and becomes everything she's ever wanted, I saw it coming.
About the author
Aimee Friedman is the New York Times bestselling author of South Beach, A Novel Idea, Sea Change and the graphique novel Breaking Up. Born and raised in Queens, Aimee studied ballet for 10 years. She now lives in Manhattan, just a short train ride away from her big sister Natalie.
Friedman, Aimee. The Year My Sister Got Lucky. Scholastic Inc., 2009.
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