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Noise pollution

No description

Zezoo Bazaid

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Noise pollution

Noise pollution
By:Abdulaziz Bazaid

-What is noise pollution?
-How is sound measured?
-When does sound become noise?
-What are the causes of noise pollution?
-What is Extreme noise ?
-What are the effects of noise pollution?
-Damage to more than hearing.
What is noise pollution?
Noise pollution is any unwanted or offensive sounds that unreasonably disturb our daily lives.

How is sound measured?
-The sound pressure level is measured in decibels (dB). 

-A sound level meter.

When does sound become noise?
What are the causes of noise pollution?
Some things can amplify noise
1-Mixed business/residential areas.
2-Busy roads through residential areas.
3-Poor insulation.

Extreme noise
-Permanent hearing.
-Noise levels of 140 dB
- Noise level of 85 dB

What are the effects of noise pollution?
2-Sleeplessness, fatigue.
3-Hearing problems / deafness.
4-Poor concentration.
5-Productivity loss in the workplace.
6-High blood pressure.
7- Headaches.
Damage to more than hearing
1-Sound insulation.
2-Double glazing.
3-Solid doors.
4-Sound walls (concrete).
5-Ear plugs.
6-Standards, regulation & enforcement.

Thank You For Listening.
Some Statistics
According to a European Union (EU) publication:

-about 40% of the population.

-20% of the population.

-more than 30% of the population.
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