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History of Toshiba

computor skillzz project :D

penny ahrens

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of History of Toshiba

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli BY PENNY AHRENS History of Toshiba hi first product At Toshiba, it started by making the first mass market laptop in 1985, and continued with a constant stream of good products ever since. toshiba was founded
over 135 years ago in 1873 yay ta da ooooo aahhhhh Along with the world’s first mass market laptop, they also debuted the first color TV with black stripe-type cathode-ray tubes in 1972. Later came the first wireless laptop to let you take your laptop out of your house with email and the Internet. And so they did. since they were founded, over 135 years ago, they’ve brought out innovative with new technologies one after another. they also made the world’s thinnest widescreen, 12.1” laptop, with a built-in optical drive to help you travel lighter they also made the first DVD drive and color monitor in a laptop, plus the first 4-in-1 audio video laptop, just to name a few. ;D TOSHIBA FOUNDERS get a close look at them guys, they are special Since 2000
Creating world-first and world No. 1 products and services to prevail amid global competition and become an even stronger global contender yep 1973 – 1983
Technical capabilities reinforced to realize consistent growth and hi The economic downturn following the first oil crisis in 1973 led Toshiba to invest more heavily in R&D, the rationale being that profits were the source of corporate vitality while technology was the driving force behind business development. Other initiatives to improve production technology, maintain high quality, save labor and shorten delivery contributed to very high profits. The expanded R&D organization and higher R&D spending led to many new technologies that were the first in the world or the first in Japan interesting, eh? so, we are almost done, my peopleonieons When they spended as much on R & D as Toshiba, they wanted to set all kinds of records. so now, about that whole "big profit" thing they opened over 135 years ago they made about $32,000,000. thats about 42% of electronic's money. currently toshiba has come up with Lenovo’s flexible entrant into the convertible ultrabook fray. so with the Yoga, which boasts four different configurations made possible by a reinforced hinge that will keep the Ultrabook fixed in whatever position you put it in. Being able to fold the monitor back 360 degrees means that you can transform the Yoga into an ultrabook, a tent, a presentation stand, and a tablet. this would be the end of our journey through the history of... TOSHIBA... dun dun dunnn HI MR.BROWN!! HI
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