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Jack Burns

on 10 September 2013

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In Ancient China, When Were Fireworks Invented?
In Ancient China, What Were Fireworks originally used for?
In Modern Times What Are Fireworks Used For?
It is believed that the first Ancient Chinese fire works were made in Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD).
Fireworks in Ancient China were originally used for shows, christenings and special funeral ceremonies.
How in Ancient China Were Fireworks Made?
In Ancient China the first fireworks were accidentally made by a Chinese cook. The cook accidentally mixed 3 ingredients charcoal, sulfer and potassium nitrate.
Another myth is that fireworks were invented later in the Sung Dynasty (960-1279).
Fireworks were also used to fend off ghosts and evil spirits.
Today Fireworks are used for ceremonies, festivals, New years Eve and entertainment shows.
You are allowed to buy fireworks in Australia but it is against the law to fire them.
Here is an example of what can go wrong when you let off a firework around other flammables.
How Did/Do Ancient Chinese Fireworks work?
Ancient Chinese fireworks worked by stuffing the mixture into a bamboo canister, then adding a fuse to the bamboo canister and then lighting the fuse with fire.
Now fireworks have a fuse that is connected to a cardboard canister. This canister has the mixture in it and can be set alight.
How Did/Do Ancient Chinese Fireworks Make Peoples Lives Easier?
In Ancient Chinese times fireworks helped make peoples lives easier by fending off ghosts and evil spirits.
Today some people are employed to light and set up fireworks these people have a pyrotechnic license.
How Have Ancient Chinese Fireworks Changed Over Time?
Ancient Chinese fireworks have not changed a lot over the years. They have changed from the old bamboo canister to the new cardboard canister. The packaging has also changed from the plain bamboo to the colorful stickers and advertising on the cardboard.
They have also changed in their use. From using them to fend off ghost and evil spirits to now using fireworks for entertainment.
Some Interesting Facts About Ancient Chinese Fireworks
China is recognized as the birthplace of fireworks
The spread of fireworks to Europe was by the Chinese Military because the Military used them to scare the enemy.
The heat of a firework depends on its colour.
Images from Google Images
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