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Men's Fashion- Civil War Times

What guys wore while our country was fighting against a\each other.

Manda Callicoat

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Men's Fashion- Civil War Times

Civil War
Men's Fashion By: Sierra and Amanda Neckwear There were different methods of tying them on, and the modern way was the only way not in use yet. Ties of any style were about 2 to 3 inches wide. The fabrics they used were silk, satin, cotton, and other silky textured fabrics. Colors they used were black, white and drab. The sideburns were called mutton chops back then. Jewelry During the Civil War, watches were a man's prized possesion. You showed off the highest priced watch that you could afford on a pricey chain. (There were no wrist-watches back then) Back then it was exremely frowned upon for a respectable man to wear earrings.However, some pirates did wear gold hoops. A married man wouldn't be caught dead without his ring on during the Civil War. This was something showed off. Some wealthy men wore rings with big jewels. Obviously, this picture wasn't actually taken in the 1860's, but the gold hoop earring resembles what they wore. Gloves Gloves were an essential item for gentlemen during the 1860s. They were necessary for occupational use and to keep warm. Middle, lower and working classmen might go without gloves during normal part of the day, but upper classmen would not go outdoors without them. Gloves were made from nitted wool, cotton and leather. They came and black brown and dark gray. Plus white gloves were worn on special occasions. Pants Pants were styled like todays adult men's pants. They were baggy in the seat and loose on the leg. They had only front pockets, a button fly, and suspender buttons. Pants were made with sturdy fabrics like wool, linen, or cotton. Pants for farmer boys were different. They had no pockets, and the front and back were the same. When the seat in the pants were wearing, the pants were reversed for longer use. Sources http://www.shasta.com/suesgoodco/newcivilians/kids.boys.htm http://www.originals-by-kay.com/learn_about/images/1858june1.jpg http://www.walternelson.com/dr/sites/default/files/imagepicker/w/walter/grandpaw.jpg http://www.sonofthesouth.net/leefoundation/civil-war/1865/february/mens-clothes.jpg http://images.politicalmasks.com/gypsy-pirate-earring.jpg Shirts Work shirts did not button all the
way down but had a placket on the front
with four buttons on it. Shirts generally had a shoulder yoke and shoulder seams were cut very wide. The sleeves were cut full in the arms. The body of the shirt is cut to be very full and loose fitting. Most shirts had a band collar or built in collar with short, squared points in the front. The fabrics they used were wool, flannel, and heavy cotton. Fine shirts were made from linen, muslin, or fine cotton. Mens dress shirts sometimes featured tucks or fine needlework patterns and were always white. http://www.shasta.com/suesgoodco/newcivilians/gents/menshirts.htm http://www.victorian.com/Mens-Clothing/mens-clothing-1868.html Thank You for watching. (:
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