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informative presntaion


deema almousa

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of informative presntaion

Milena Flament
Proponent of the
"Flipped" Classroom
*SAP Sales
& Distribution

* Deema Almousa
For ..
What is SAP
What is SAP SD
SAP SD components and functions
SAP features
Top 10 reasons to choose SAP
SAP Advantages
10 reasons to choose SAP
-Conifer a form of Gymnosperms are often used as christmas trees.
-They produce seed.
SD components SD Main functions
SAP SD features
Architecture is extremely strong
Solutions are scalable and can be customized according to business requirements
Integrats business aspets
saves time

What is SAP?
What is SAP SD – Sales and Distribution Module. (n.d). Retrieved april 20, 2014, from http://www.saponlinetutorials.com/what-is-sap-sd-sales-and-distribution-module/
5 Reasons Why SAP Is The Best ERP System. (n.d). Retrieved april 26, 2014, from blue ocen system: http://www.bos.com.np/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=101:5-reasons-why-sap-is-the-best-erp-system&catid=34:articles&Itemid=5
Lynch, W. (n.d). sap sd. Retrieved april 25, 2014, from ehow: http://www.ehow.com/info_12215675_sap-sd-mean.html#ixzz306gL3FJp

What is SAP SD
The SAP software comes in many different modules, each created to run a particular business consideration. SAP SD, one of the most instrumental SAP modules, manages issues involving sales and distribution.
(Shober, 2008)
• Sales Support
• Master Data
• Shipping
• Sales
• Credit management
• Foreign Trade
• Billing
• Transportation
• Sales information system

• Inquiries & Quotes
• Sales Orders
• Sales Returns
• Consignment
• Contracts & Scheduling Agreements
• Credit & Debit Memo Requests
• Rush Orders & Cash Sales

SD Advantages:
Respond quickly to customer needs
Form closer customer relationships
Eliminate redundant data entry and errors
Provides real-time information
Saves time
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