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7-8: 2D Watercolor Wonders

No description

Lauren Cleary

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of 7-8: 2D Watercolor Wonders

7-8: 2D
Watercolor Wonders

Painting "with no preconceived object in mind."
Le Chant De La Grenouille -Max Ernst
Sold in 2007 for $937,000
Glue Resist WOWs
Step 1: Use a pencil to create a VERY light contour drawing of anything you choose. Then trace over your drawing with glue.

Step 2: Once dry, use the wet-on-wet watercolor technique to paint inside of the spaces.

Step 3: Once dry, use a thin Sharpie to outline the areas where the color or value changes.
Linocut Print with Hand Coloring Technique
Step 1: Draw idea on paper. Remember that the basic idea is that you cut away those areas you want to remain the color of the paper.
Step 2: Transfer drawing to Printing Block.
Step 3: Carve out the design. Remember to always carve AWAY from you!
Step 4: Ink your printing block.
Step 5: Pull your print! You will pull several prints and choose your preferred print to continue working with.
Step 6: Hand color your print with colored pencils.
Artist's Challenge
Option 1:
Option 2:
Glue Resist WOWs
Option 3:
Linocut with
hand coloring

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai
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