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Vera Brittain

No description

Dani Rodriguez

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Vera Brittain

Vera Brittain By: Natalie Arruda
& Dani Rodriguez Biography Summary of War Experiences To my Brother Poem Testament of Youth Poem Analysis - full name: Vera Mary Brittain
- Born on December 29 1893
- Died on March 29 1970
- Born in Newcastle - under-Lyme, Britain
- She was a British Writer, Journalist and Author Vera left Oxford University to become a VAD nurse, she nursed in England, Malta, and France.
She felt confused as a nurse during the war,
Because her job was to save lives of people who were out there to kill her loved ones ( Fiance, Brother and both of her really close friends ).
While nursing in France she realized that some of the men she was trying to help were German-prisoners of the war. Vera came to the conclusion that there was nothing "holy" or "just" about war. In the poem "To my Brother" By Vera Brittain
the first verse states that while her brother was fighting in the war, every time he got hurt physically it would internally hurt her.
In the second verse we think when she means the cross is a symbol of courage resembled as either a badge he won during the war or his tomb stone.
In the third verse, we think Vera is saying that even though
her brother may have won a badge during the war he still
had to endure all of the pain and suffering that came with it.
In the fourth verse, we think that Vera is saying that even though her brother has passed away she hopes that he will continue to stay brave in heaven. " There seem nothing left in the world, for I felt that Roland had taken with him all my future and Edward all my past". THANKS FOR WATCHING
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