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Internet Censorship

Will this be the cowboy killer?

Adam Meder

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Internet Censorship

Internet Censorship For most of us, the Internet is the modern day equivalent to the Old West, where there is no law, and anything is available if you know where to look. However, this is a freedom that we take for granted. When is the last time you and your friends discussed censorship? I bet you don't do it very often How is this done and why? Why Should I Care? Internet Censorship can be accomplished using a few different ways. The most common is to filter based on certain keywords, and creating blacklists of sites that the Censoring Party deems inappropriate. I doubt the content missing is that important... Or maybe.....
In the US today we step closer and closer to becoming another censored nation. Even though it is not an official policy, the government still attempts to censor. The site 'WikiLeaks.org' was recently put under attack due to content they posted which was deemed classified by the government. Currently under debate is the topic of Net Neutrality, which is the concept of leaving the content of the web free to access or giving ISP's control over what their customers can and can't see, as well as many other serious issues involving the web.

Without Net Neutrality, web censorship is going to exist in our country today. Laws preventing businesses such as Comcast and Verizon from filtering your access based on their price plan or moral decisions will be banished.

The companies will gain control over what you can and can't see, thus giving the ISP's the ability to censor out all competition and limit access to only sites that pay to be included.
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