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Rock and Roll Music Affecting Vietnam War Protesting

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Rebekah DeVore

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Rock and Roll Music Affecting Vietnam War Protesting

Rock and Roll Music Affecting Vietnam War Protesting
How was protesting affected by rock and roll music during the Vietnam war?
Many artists were very influential on protesters. Most of them wanted peace and love and protesters were affected by this while protesting against the war going on in Vietnam.
Relationship of Music to War
While American involvement in Vietnam grew, musicians began writing songs protesting the war. More people were influenced by these songs and more protest took place by what most people called "hippies".
Rock n Roll and Protests
Since teens were already so into music and how their concerns were to music, it was easy for music caused by the war to be apart of their lives. The music built an antiwar community and helped them express what they were feeling. This "protest music" went on the be the era's most enduring legacies.
How was protesting affected by Rock n Roll music during the Vietnam War?
Teens that were not able to vote used this music to express how they felt about the war. Many songs were written about the war and how there shouldn't be a war. The music was used to show how people felt toward those who went to war and how they though people should handle the war.
Song Example: The Times are A-Changin' by Bob Dylan
The lyrics in this song are a direct reference to the Vietnam War. It includes Dylan's acoustic guitar and his harmonica.
Song Example: Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon
This song asks people to "give peace a chance" referencing that we should not be at war with Vietnam. Protesters are greatly influenced by this song.
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