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Sea Lilies

No description

Hailey Falline

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Sea Lilies

By: Lauren and Hailey Sea Lilies Characteristics - They have five arms
- Mouth that faces up.
- Their main body part is the crown.( Holds the mouth, digestive tract, and the anus)
- Arms usually have branches.
-Sea lilies are white Ecosystem - They live in deep water.
- Beyond the range of hard coral growth.
- They are attached to the sea floor.
- Filter plankton from passing water. Food Chain
-Sea lilies mainly function as bottom feeders

-they feed off of plankton as well as decomposing plants and animals,

-Main predators are sea urchins. Outlook -Sea lilies are not considered endangered.
-Sea lilies thrive in their ecosystems. Protection They run away by using their arms and
dragging themselves across the ocean floor. Sources http://animals.jrank.org/pages/1594/Sea-Lilies-Feather-Stars-Crinoidea-PHYSICAL-CHARACTERISTICS.html



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