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3D Numbers - 53620

Available at Prezzip.com. 3D numbers prezi template. It's all about numbers in this prezi. Use it for presenting your own facts or figures.

Your Prezis

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of 3D Numbers - 53620

The amount of time it should take to answer a HelpDesk ticket.

2 Day average ticket close time
New Websites Launched
Phishing Emails
39% fewer people fell for the second and third phishing emails than the first round!
People infected with
Cryptolocker Virus

New Forms in SharePoint
Social Media Outlets
IT & Digital Media
by the numbers
6,000 HelpDesk tickets closed
20% of those tickets are TOPS
193,000 unique views
1,000,000 pageviews
659 chats since 1/1/16
Average initial response time is 39 seconds
119,000 views on the Resident Portal
New Community Setup
Board Member Emails
Supply Order Form
Insurance Appraisal
Business Card & Name Tag Request Form
People Monitor the HelpDesk
Diane, Josh, Angela & Dan
Tech Issues, TOPS, Caliber, Doc Locator, SharePoint, etc.
Website Issues
Caliber General Questions
Document Locator
Subheadings on SharePoint
Training Sessions
10.45 Terabytes of data moved to our new servers
3 New Servers
4 Backup Power Supplies
28 New Virtual Servers
IT Hardware Upgrades
Communities Converted to CALIBER
Number of times the Caliber Training Team has met to date on the Caliber roll out.
Users on the Caliber Web Portal
1,920 Gigs of Data
1,200 Malware emails filtered
215,000 Spam emails filtered
450 Gigabytes Total
158,000 Files imported into DL this year alone
Estimated 30 hours of company time saved by using clutter
Most Emails Received 2015 - 2016
220,000 Hits per month. (Up from 37,000 last year)
450,000 Files stored in SharePoint
Most Imports to Document Locator
Most Emails Sent 2015 - 2016
424,400 Files stored in OneDrive
Most Files Stored in OneDrive
Set Up Voicemail Greetings
Upload your picture to the HUD
Log on to the HUD Daily
If you want to take calls to your cell phone
download the Fonality app
Fonality Training will be the last Wednesday of May

Calendar Sharing in Outlook
Tuesday Tips Sent Out By IT
Every Tuesday since October we have put out quick TIPS to help you be more efficient.
Best Resident Portal
Coming Next Year
Continue with Caliber migration (check the roll our schedule for your communities)
Phone System Completion (Training will be the last Wednesday of May)
Website enhanced Resident Portal
Online Payment for Leland Website
Review of Leland network communication for increased speed
Complete hardware and software inventory
Document Locator
Office 2016
Virus Prevention

hello hello hello
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