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Heroes: Joseph Campbell, The Hero's Journey, and the Archetype

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Katie McMillan

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Heroes: Joseph Campbell, The Hero's Journey, and the Archetype

Heroes & Journeys & Archetypes, Oh My!
Joseph Campbell
Wrote a book called
The Hero With a Thousand Faces
In it, he asserts that there are similarities between
heroes of all cultures and eras.
The term Campbell used to
describe the commonalities
between all heroes stories
throughout human history.
The Ordinary World
Heroes exist in a world considered
But often, the hero possesses a talent, trait,
or characteristic that makes them odd,
weird, or out-of-place.
The Call to Adventure
At some point, the hero will be called away
from their world of order and ordinary. A
true hero must be removed from their
environment and set out onto a journey.

Usually, the new world is completely different
and often completely scary.
Refusal of the Quest
Heroes are faced with a choice: to accept or deny the
quest, which is almost like accepting or denying their fate.
Though obviously without the choice to go off on the quest, some stories do derive their conflict from the hero refusing his duty until faced with a new impetus for accepting the quest.
This is when the hero
accepts the call to duty
Entering the Unknown
To embark on their quest, the hero must go into a world they've never been to or experienced before and in this new world, there are some very scary and very different things.
Why so scary?
Because it is the JOURNEY
that teaches the hero what there is to learn.

But it's not THAT scary because ...
Supernatural Aid
When any force intervenes -- magic, gods, fate, destiny -- it often provides the hero with something they need to be successful on their heroic quest.
Tests and the build up to
The Supreme Ordeal
Reward and the Journey Home
Hero receives a reward of some kind for succeeding at their Supreme Ordeal. And then...
They get to GO HOME!
but it's not over yet...
Master of Two Worlds/
Restoring the World

Once they return to their original home, they are celebrated as saviors.
Other Characters in Mythology
Threshhold Guardians
woman as temptress
Archetypes are images, patterns, and ideas from
myths of many cultures. Put differently, an archetype is
the original model of a character or the ideal representation
of a particular type of character. These include....
Wise old man/woman
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