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Natural Recources

No description

Luke Albright

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Natural Recources

Natural Recources
The Minerals their are petroleum, silver, copper, gold, lead, and zinc Factories use these to make things.
Top 5 Crops of Mexico
Name: Corn Used for selling, eating or feed for animals
Name: Beans used for selling and eating
Name: Squash used for selling and eating
Name: Wheat used for selling eating or feed for animals
Name: Chili peppers used for eating spices and selling

Central Plateau: rivers that go into sea but not much vegetation.
Describe some labor issues/problems with workers. People are going into America to get jobs.

Mexico's principal commercial catches are shrimp, sardines, bass, pike, abalone, Spanish mackerel, and red snapper.
Timber to Make lots of medicine, paper, and buildings.

Yucatan Peninsula:
Tall jungles that have lots of vegetables.
What is economy? How do natural resources affect the economy of a nation? it highers the jobs but in the 1990s the economy went down by 6.9%.

Give examples of racism that these workers faced while in America: They were separated from other workers and given not as good working conditions.
Describe some environmental issues that developed. Water is not good in most places, Acid rain, poaching, and overgrazing.
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