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Practical Activities for writer's workshop

No description

Sarah Salt

on 8 June 2017

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Transcript of Practical Activities for writer's workshop

Engaging Students in Writer's Workshop
Useful websites
Story Starters - http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/story-starters/
Aniboom - www.aniboom.com
PicLits - http://www.piclits.com/compose_dragdrop.aspx
Pinterest - www.pinterest.com
Wordle - www.wordle.net
Tagxedo - www.tagxedo.com
Fun English Games for Kids - http://www.funenglishgames.com/

The Writing Cycle
Plan for Success
Practical activities and online resources
Plot, setting and character boxes
8 Steps to Writing
Music Inspired Writing
Quick break.
Poetry and poetic devices
1. Plan for success
2. Sizzling starters
3. Tighten tension
4. Dynamic daring dialogue
5. Show, don't tell
6. Extend and elaborate
7. Bin the boring bits
8. Exciting endings
Get students to place information/
ideas/ feedback from peers into the
grid. This provides a stimulus for
How would you describe this picture?
Sensory poem, haiku, cinquain, diamante,
Seed box - prompts to build
a story
Identify the characters, who they are and how they are connected. Describe their emotions at
different points in the clip. Think of words/
phrases to describe their expressions
and emotions.

Dynamic Dialogue
Sizzling starters
Focus: Attention grabbers, heart stoppers, mind blowers
Sound/ dialogue/ senses
1. Bang! Crash! The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and driven straight into a tree. (Sound)
2. A loud bang was heard. It sounded like a rifle, but they were not sure. Another shot was heard, but this time something hit the side of the car. Now they were sure! (Action/movement)
3. "Screeeeeeeeeeeeech!" Jack braked as hard as he possibly could, but couldn't stop in time. The stench of burnt tyres filled the air. (Sound/sense of smell)
Use powerful, dramatic, emphatic dialogue to evoke the reader
- commotion began in a small, dismal, little rented farmhouse…
- The eerie, echoing, slobbering wail raced into the forest like a train whistle through a
- moved through the trees, like a hunted animal…
- It bulged, like a bubble fresh from a wand…
- The narrow, cobble-stoned alley, with its towering red brick walls, belonging to that of
an old brewery…
- The drain, moss over the brick walls and the smell of garbage…
- The words hit her like poisonous darts…
- pierced the darkness…
- waved their hands in a thunderous display of admiration…

Use these sentences/ phrases below to write a short, descriptive paragraph (4-5 sentences) Grammar focus
Example: like/dislike poems, yesterday/today poems
Yesterday brought
. Today brings
Yesterday displayed
. Today displays
Telescopic/ List Writing
Inspired picture writing
Open minded portrait
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