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No description

Alexis Colon

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Makeup!

A little bit of info about makeup. Makeup is important in your everyday style. Picking a makeup for your face needs to be something that's just right for you, not everyone has the same tone or color. But just remember that inner beauty runs deeper than makeup.
Utilizing Makeup for Day and Night.
When your wearing makeup during the day you want to make sure that its light and neutral, and not so dark because it doesn't go along with your style during the day.
And at night time you want your makeup to be dark a smokey eye with a darker effect on the lid would be perfect!
Day and Night Looks
Day Look

Night Look
$ 5.00
Day Look Makeup
$ 9.00
$ 20.00
$ 25.00
$ 4.00
$ 9.00
Nyx Lip Gloss In Taupe
Nyx Doll Eye Mascara
Anastasia Bronze In Sun kissed
Mac Paint in Indian Wood
$ 10.00
$ 25.00
Nyx Doll Eye Mascara

Anastasia Bronze In Sun kisssed
Super Fat Eye Marker
NYX Round Lipstick
Magic Nude Foundation
$ 10.00
Day Look and Nails!
$ 23.00
$ 19.00
$ 40.00
$ 17.00
$ 10.80
Night Look and Nails
$ 30.00
$ 80.00
$ 20.00
$ 40.00
Grand Total Day Look!
$ 168.80 for total day look which includes nails makeup and wardrobe.
Grand Total Night Look!
$ 228.00 for total night look which includes nails makeup and wardrobe.
Grand Total= $ 396.80
Night Look Makeup
Magic Nude Foundation
$ 10.00
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